PowerXchuck / XabruptX

Fresh split, fresh review and one more noise attack for my neighbor, haha! This time it`s interesting fruit of friendship between PowerXchuck and XabruptX. Shit I’m almost sure that the author of this rad art is a big fan of the Alien movie and also he likes to smoke too. The mix of these two things you can see on the cover of this split. Noise creature from space, that is funny, weird and also looks cool First in line are PowerXchuck from sunny Australia. I know these guys wanted to make something ridiculous for this split.. For example stupid … Continue reading PowerXchuck / XabruptX


At first this split attracts attention with its own design. It was a great idea to use ancient an Australian predator for the cover art. Trash on the bottom looks great too, the surfboard and skateboard with all those band stickers… man thats a really nice view. But let’s end with all these visual things and lets listen the noise Always Never FunThe first side of this split is populated by loud crashing tunes from Global ANF. This young band has big ambitions and also these guys have a fire. Their music is mostly extreme hardcore (But it does not … Continue reading ANF/PowerXchuck

Split PowerXchuck / XAbruptX will be out very soon!

This small vinyl will be released by Wooaaargh rec, Kitchen Vomit, Friendly Otter, Hackebeil Records, Mono Canibal, Death By Digital, ZAS Autoproduzioni Records, Deadheroes Grindcore-label Continue reading Split PowerXchuck / XAbruptX will be out very soon!

Split ANF/Powerxchuck finally out!

Get your copy thru next labels:Woooaaargh Records (Ger) Here and now records (Italy) Capitão Lixo Coisas (Brazil)Mono Caníbal (Spain) BMX Outlaw records (Germany) Made In The Meth Lab (UK) Ecosentric records (Germany) Continue reading Split ANF/Powerxchuck finally out!


Powerxchuck are a 5 piece powerviolence band from Adelaide South Australia. Started in November 2013 with Cheese (Guitar/Vocals), Hannah (Bass). Fryz (Vocals) and Louis (Drums). Heavily influenced by old school powerviolence bands such as: Spazz, No Comment, Infest, Crossed Out, Hellnation, Capitalist Casualties and later PxV bands like To The Point, Eddie Brock, The Afternoon Gentlemen and. Mikey joined on second guitar mid 2014. Powerxchuck fb              Powerxchuck bandcamp Continue reading Powerxchuck!