Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017

The trio from Kaiserslautern proved to us that powerviolence genre is still alive and still kicking! Unfortunately, this band is no longer active, but guys left a few good releases after themself. Regurgitated Semen rec kindly gathered together all songs and released them in one CD. All together 51 songs of powerful and wicked pv, here is the material from the last album Kategorisch Aggressiv, split with Yacopsae, Kadaverficker & Mixomatosis, Germany Will Be Worse (compilation), demo “Wir Können Garnicht” and EP “So Viel Fressen Wie Wir Kotzen Wollen” Believe me, this is a supermassive sound bomb! There are no … Continue reading Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017


XSPIG is a six pigs raw Grindcore/PV friends/project from Bremen in the north of Germany. Started in 2017 from the ashes of Death Metal band Malform but with a new drummer who is also destroying the sticks in Mörser and Mizanthrop. In the same year, an S/T EP (Pigtail Chords) on tape dropped and live shows were played. First gig was in Bremen Sportamt with Satan, Sordide and Dead on Parole. In 2019, the first album on vinyl called „Kill the Pigs with tiny Sticks“ (Pigtail Chords) came out. Shows in different venues and towns followed. Grind Here Right Now … Continue reading XSPIG!

Nothing Clean – Disappointment

A sunny day of May 7 (2021), a calm day in England, the guys are sitting in a pub and drinking beer, the kids are returning from school and then a few freaks dropped a real sound bomb! This album is so loud and intensive, wicked and crazy it can literally drive you crazy! Disappointment – is the last work of really awesome boys of Nothing Clean. This band is an excellent example of nowadays powerviolence scene. I was lucky enough to receive the CD version of this record. BTW it was released in Japan by Esagoya rec… And it … Continue reading Nothing Clean – Disappointment

Turtle Rage / XSPIG

Germany was always a Europinian center of hardcore and powerviolence genres. There are so many crazy bands, starting from the middle 80th and till this day that land produces so many loud and mad bands! Today I want to listen with you to this small but very bright split of Turtle Rage and Xspig. Just like the music on this record, the cover art is dope too. It`s a funny bit childish, but it is 100% consistent with the noise! Berlin punks of Turtle Rage are opening the A-side. This story begins with very awesome punk rock into, which cheered … Continue reading Turtle Rage / XSPIG

3 new releases from Mortville Noise!

MORT:146 “31 Uplifting Songs” CD MORT:147 This long delayed 3-way CD is finally unleashed with each band contributing just over five minutes of material. CAPTAIN THREE LEG (USA) offer up 21 tracks averaging 15 seconds in length with musical set-ups ending in blasts of noise. H-SQUAD (Sweden) do 6 tracks of hedonistic, blasting fast punk/blurrcore. Sub Rats (Spain) round things out with four tracks of precise, crusty grindcore. Mastered by Eric Trude at Hostile Studios, with cover art from Tom Kemp and Frank Oblak. Captain Three Leg / Uddercock – split CD-R MORT:148 Captain Three Leg bark out 55 tracks … Continue reading 3 new releases from Mortville Noise!

Suicideforce / Slund

What do you know about powerviolence scene of Italy and grind scene of Slovenia? I bet not much, well hope this small split will help us to shed light on this question. So here we have a Suicideforce in the one corner and Slund in the other must say this is gonna be a great mess, haha! Suicideforce attacks with traditional powerviolence. Fast aggressive, like the fucking bulldog! This noise brings a lot of joy! Great heavy sound, fast riffs, and awesome crunchy bass. Loud and angry vocal accompanied by sharp guitar. Somewhere in the middle, there is a movie … Continue reading Suicideforce / Slund

Dropdead “Discography Vol 1 1992-1993” LP

The second press of the massive discography is ready! Ltd color vinyl LP in a gatefold single pocket heavyweight jacket, with printed inner sleeve and 12 x 24 poster insert.Pressed on Ultra clear with red cloudy effect color vinyl. Sleeve on this pressing printed on high gloss heavyweight mirror board. Released by Armageddon Label Continue reading Dropdead “Discography Vol 1 1992-1993” LP

Urban Carnage – Nihai Infilak

Urban Carnage is a kickass powerviolence from Istanbul / Turkey. Also, this band has few members of mighty Sakatat, so I almost have no doubt that this debut EP is a fucking bomb! So generally this release has a minimalistic design, but for this genre, it`s a usual thing. For this release guys recorded 11 songs, and like in old good times friends all over the world helped them to release it (just check this list of the labels Psychocontrol Records, Black Against Night Records, Night Animal Records, Blastbeat Worship Tapes, Give Praise Records, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni). Guess what? As I … Continue reading Urban Carnage – Nihai Infilak