Happy New Year!

This shitty year is finally running to its end. Well, what can I say, it was more than stressful for me, but your support helped me a lot, and I`m eternally thankful for that! I bet that the next year will be better and it will bring more positive emotions and more great grind releases! Cheers and hugs boys and girls! Continue reading Happy New Year!

Statist (12.12.22)

Good day Old, hope you`re doing well. Let`s open a cold one and start our talk! Greetings and all! So far so good, thanks! Well, here we go))) Okay, let`s help a bit for those who doesn1t familiar with Statist. Could you give us some info/bio about this band? The band Statist was founded on March 8, 2018, as a powerviolence/ grindcore band. After several lineup changes the band has four records, three of which have been realized. A number of concerts have been played, including a festival in Germany and a mini-tour with the legendary Purulent Spermcanal. At the … Continue reading Statist (12.12.22)

New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

The first full-length of Ukrainian grinders Statist is out! Antitötalitar offers you 16 no-frills grindcore songs that have been massively influenced by death metal and also contain a lot of groovy hardcore punk elements. From a magnificent rancid sounding trash can snare drum, to merciless saw riffing and slightly dissonant shredding, to the distinctive vocals, Statist deliver everything that thrills the genre heart. Wild blastbeats, stomping rattle and filth stirring basslines included. Pre-order a copy at lckr.bandcamp.com Continue reading New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

Slavemaker / False

This small tape split is a total mystery to me. Because I didn`t know any of these bands (strange huh?). So we have here a double portion of powerviolence from French and Belgian bands. This is also pretty solid stuff, and I can`t wait to blast this tape! Side A – Slavemaker. What a wonderful discovery I have here, this music knocked me down! A powerful bass line and a wonderful killer guitar sound. Strong drums work and pissed-off vocal fits and sounds perfectly here. This record is overloaded with anger… Pumping energy oozes from every crevice… holy shit! Although … Continue reading Slavemaker / False