Grind arts from Douglas Correia!

Today I want to present you one interesting designer and illustrator from Brazil. Douglas Correia makes a pretty dark arts, and he is not well known in grind underground, but this guy have a talent. He fills his gloomy paintings with a dark atmosphere, also he real master in small detail. You can check more of his works HERE!  Continue reading Grind arts from Douglas Correia!

4 Ways to Grind (Libertinus Records)

Brazilians are very friendly people. This split especially, shows the tightness of their fraternal ties. These four Brazilian bands came together to honor the memory of their dead brother Antonio Ambrozio and I’d like to take the chance to join them with the memory, rest in peace my friend… Four crazy bands must be packed in a suitable packaging. Well, I must say that this artwork was executed very skillfully. The artist made his best and realistically conveyed the madness which destroys a person from the inside. But let’s move from the visual part, it`s time to check the music … Continue reading 4 Ways to Grind (Libertinus Records)

Plague Rages & Mindboil (Digital Yourself)

Split release of Plague Rages & Mindboil is a great example of small acoustic bomb. A sort of a sound terrorist act which happened on the both continents at one time and all the clues lead to Digital Yourself (which made those bombs). Frankly, I love this small and funny format of 3 inch CD (doesn’t take much place and also looks great) I cannot say that this split has cool art, but evaluating release only by the cover (as I have said many times) is stupid… The first explosive device is activated by my good friends Plague Rages! First … Continue reading Plague Rages & Mindboil (Digital Yourself)

Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)

How many grind albums & splits have been released through all those past years? But brazilians don’t lose their interest in that style, it still burns so brightly! Every year this country gives a lot of good different releases for fans of grind. And now I hold in my hands this lathe сut split with two old well-known and respected bands. Must notice that this small release was dedicated to our friend Antonio Ambrozio, rest in peace brother…Art on this split is pretty thematic (as for grindcore). Impersonation of chaos, destroyed town and the main character looking at its remains… … Continue reading Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)

Plague Rages – Greatest Tapes (Gozer Records)

I want to dedicate this review to our deceased comrade Antonio who reached the better world, sleep tight brother, you would stay in our hearts forever. 100 of pro-done tapes were released, Lemonade Joe from the cover proves us this one of a tape is a stone cold and would find it’s place in your collection.Greatest Tapes is a best gift to Plague Rages followers, they finally would check the old and not that old works of these brazilian veterans. This comp covers 1998 to 2009, starts from an unreleased song which is nice, and then you have got 9 … Continue reading Plague Rages – Greatest Tapes (Gozer Records)


The Plague Rages is one of the oldest and most active bands in the Brazilian grindcore scene. In active since 1996, the band is musically influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Agathocles, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Extreme Noise Terror, Obituary and many others.In the beginning, the band had some touches of death metal into their sound, with the passage of time, the sound became more focused on grindcore, leaving death metal influences increasingly subtle.The band played numerous concerts throughout the years, including a tour of Brazil in 2011, a mini tour of Chile in 2012 and a tour in Europe in … Continue reading PLAGUE RAGES (Brazil)