Infested Art!

GGGG continues to familiarize you with different grind artists. This time I want to draw your attention to a very nice guy Jasper Swerts. This guy stands behind famous Infested Art (and believe me, he knows how to draw badass arts). His works are characterized by their gloomy style. As you can see he worked with bands like Phobia, Wormrot, PLF, Fubar… etc. I strongly recommend to visit his WEBSITE! Continue reading Infested Art!

Phobia (15.11.14)

I’m really happy to do interview with legendary American grind-machine, Phobia! Hi, Shane! How’re you doing? Hot summer doesn’t annoy you much, does it?) Hello… Thank you for this interview!!! NO, the heat doesnt bother me, i can adapt to pretty much anything, its the way i have always been… the heat is good!!! You have a lot of gigs planned now, hope it wouldn’t cause much problems with your jobs. Tell our readers about those places that you plan to visit, please. Well, we all have jobs that pretty much understand what we do, so its ok, if they … Continue reading Phobia (15.11.14)