Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Noisy, evil, bubbling split of two one-man-bands, American dead dolls lover Decomposing Serenity and big fan of huge asses Proctalgia (Philippines)… It seems to me that moving to America had a small influence on the art of Witter Cheng. His noise became more cacophonous, the material steered a little bit away from the gore madness which was familiar to the listener… Now there’s more metal influence…But, I can’t say I liked this. Motly guitar solos in the background are kinda funny. There is, a huge variety of vocals… pitch-shifted growls, some times croaking and funny, like gremlin squeals… About the … Continue reading Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Gangrene – Chapters of Decay

My dear friend what do you know about asian gore scene? Not much? The same for me, hehehe)) And that’s why today we will listen the last work from Philippines Gangrene. For my opinion Chapters of Decay is their best work. Although it`s just well re-recorded “Reek Of Pestilence” (which was raw as fuck, ahahah). So lets talk a little bit about this creepy artwork. This art was made by Tremor (freaky and dark illustrator from Indonesia)… And it`s seems to me this theme is pretty close to “the Thing” movie. It`s looks very similar to alien mutant from that … Continue reading Gangrene – Chapters of Decay

Maticrust – Inhumane World Deprivation

It`s time to pull one more interesting and not well known band into the information flow. Those who were at the OEF last year were able to see what these filipinos guys are capable of. And as recently guys released their first full album “Inhumane World Deprivation ” I want to write a few words about it. This noisy crustgrind is soaked with acute social themes, in their songs guys speak about many human sins… I know that the photos from local war conflicts were used for the cover art (it`s not even new topic but death and war are … Continue reading Maticrust – Inhumane World Deprivation

Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)

2016 became a very fruitful year for german label Uterus Productions. This label released a whole bunch of nasty and sick stuff and today we will review the position №13 in their catalog. So it’s split between dutch duo Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness and filipino one man band Proctalgia. Ok, SPOW goes first. I don’t know why but their cyber noise don’t disgust me. I even got some mood boost bit while listening to this nonsense. I doubt very much that the guys tried to play something serious. The guitar sounds like it was written in some Guitar Pro, but … Continue reading Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)