Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Famine “Gold” Tape  Mortify “Demo 2017” Tape Pulmomary Fibrosis “Interstitial Lung Disease” Tape Gourmet “The Blast Supper” Tape Fentanyl Surprise “First Year Discography” Tape Test “Especies” Tape  Parazitozis / Cephalophore Split Tape The Afternoon Gentlemen “Still Pissed: 2012-2015” Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Various ‎– A Symphony Of Death Rattles (Grindfather Productions)

Oh boy this cassette is so badass. I guess every gore freak must have this one because it`s one of the best gore releases of last decade! “A Symphony Of Death Rattles” contains 12 bands from all around our fucking world. This creepy art was made by Pierre De Palmas. This strange face reminds me moment from old horror movies (I know that Pierre is a big fan of these stuff). Also this french maniac begin this gore story with his Blue Holocaust project. Everything starts after the spooky intro… vomiting songs with dirty sound and gurgling roars. Good old … Continue reading Various ‎– A Symphony Of Death Rattles (Grindfather Productions)

Parazitosis /Cephalophore (Craniophagus Parasiticus rec, Grindfather prod)

Oh, this split is full of old and sick pictures of various scenes of people being tortured. Skull trepanation, skin removal… and a lot more. Those who made these images are sick freaks 🙂 Not even mentioning the bands from this record… Hungarians Parazitosis in cooperation with Canadian Cephalophore produced really disgusting split, hehe!) Parazitosis can be called a one man band, as it is run by Marci, the only permanent member who wrote almost all the material. Only 5 minutes of music was recorded for this tiny tape release. 4 tracks in total. But believe me, these songs sound … Continue reading Parazitosis /Cephalophore (Craniophagus Parasiticus rec, Grindfather prod)

Parazitozis (17.10.15)

Hey Marcell, how are you doing? Hey Alex, all good, a bit sick as always, and life is shit, but everything is cool i guess… First of all, let’s talk about something else besides Parazitozis, your side projects I know that you have some deals with russian guys from Butcher MD and Active Stenosis? Torn Lungs is our lovechild with Ioannis and Kirill through the internet. Im just about to record drums for the next shit. I heard you toured Europe last year with Halitosis. What aftertaste did it left and what about touring Eastern Europe and Russia? Yes, we … Continue reading Parazitozis (17.10.15)