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Modorra – “Solar Anus” Tape Agathocles/Psychopathic – Split Tape Onanizer – “Ansikte Mot Ansikte” Tape  Paralyzed Society  – “Life Is Life” Tape Hyperemesis/Dope Resin Split Tape  Embalming Theatre – “Re-animated Tomb Contents – Live At Sedel” Tape  Enemigo – “Collection 2011-2015” Tape  Pyemesis/Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma Split Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Paralyzed Society / Shutdown

In the good old tradition of grind / crust / noise / pv bands love to make splits. The result of this love I now happy to hold in my hands. Two continents meet each other on this tape. Good old Europe and the US. Designed in classic dark colors, the cover image shows us a house after a heavy bombing, that should make it clear even for very stupid person, that work of both bands are connected with the social topic. Unfortunately this is the last current release from Paralyzed Society, guys probably concentrated their affords on Matka Teresa and … Continue reading Paralyzed Society / Shutdown

Paralyzed Society – Life Is Life (demo)

Once upon a time, Martin and Liber from Matka Teresa were sitting in the bar with Roel Nydoom (Anal Penetration) and drinking some beer. And while talking about life and stuff, they thought: let’s make our own band! And fortunately, they got down to business and started rehearsing. First result of their efforts is a demo tape Life Is Life, and I’m about to look more closely at this tape.The artcover depicts one unlucky guy in straight jacket, I guess they tried to express the insanity of our environment and world itself. The booklet is pretty much standart – track … Continue reading Paralyzed Society – Life Is Life (demo)