Nasty Face / Pancreatic Purulence (Choothar Tapes)

Okay boys and girls it`s time to talk a little bit about gore business. This split has to get attention of fans of rotten tits and nasty sound. Package of this tape has a picture of pretty young man with very beautiful face, ahahaah!) And now something about the bands. Nasty Face is a side project of Elliot (which is more known as a drummer from The Afternoon Gentlemen) and this band is located in Switzerland (probably that guy has the second home here :)). If you’re in love with old goregrind with light grave smell so you are in … Continue reading Nasty Face / Pancreatic Purulence (Choothar Tapes)

Pancreatic Purulence / Hyperemesis (Grindfather Productions)

Do you feel this smell in the air? Do you feel this tiny aroma of dampness, moisture and rotting biological residues? This is the new cassette release from Grindfather Productions! Split Pancreatic Purulence / Hyperemesis is just full of cadaverous stench, hehehe)))Dutch duo Pancreatic Purulence is another nice discovery of this year for me. On this split guys present their demo work (which I listened hundreds times). And about this old demo, even tracks here are the same, but the cover art is different and it`s definitely a plus. Pancreatic Purulence plays brisk goregrind with some grindcore. Everything goes with … Continue reading Pancreatic Purulence / Hyperemesis (Grindfather Productions)