Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Today is Tuesday and, as always, this day sucks, so let’s plug it with a split from Needful Things and Overviolence! As I know, originally this split was released as a tape and it was released for an Asia tour. Now it’s been turned into a vinyl, and holy moly this piece looks great. Weird cover art, with gloomy faces, a combination of colors all of which create a nice aggressive and Grind look. Needful Things is a Grind mastodon of the Czechs scene. Can you believe that this machine has been active more than 20 years? And they’re still … Continue reading Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Overviolence (22.11.16)

Hola amigos! How are you doing brothers? Could you introduce yourself to our readers please? Hey! We are three easy going long time friends with an appetite for fast music. Esse-git/vox, Henke-vox/bass, Erik-drums. We have been playing together as Overviolence since early 2013, we like hanging out together and we like fast tunes. The band is the ultimate social club! Just a week ago you were back from your asian tour. Tell us about that a little bit, what countries did you visit, how many local freaks visited your gigs? And what memories and emotions did you bring with you … Continue reading Overviolence (22.11.16)

Overviolence – Rapturous Expulsion (Nerve Altar)

What can a band with such name play? Gothic rock? Drone? Almost… On the background of numerous fresh bands, Overviolence stands out for speed and aggression. That’s why I love this grind-fast-violence dudes. I do not know what kind if personal lifes these people have, because in their songs they put a lot of aggression. And I must tell you, this type of musicians put a piece of their soul into the music they play… oh, somehow I really went into some deep philosophy The first thing that struck me (when I got my hands on to this vinyl) was … Continue reading Overviolence – Rapturous Expulsion (Nerve Altar)


Överviolence est 2013: 3 fairly easy-go-along guys with a taste for fast music and eastern europe and a general dislike for generic boring grind and everything else. Been spending their days in bands like Crowpath, Sewn Shut, Tellusian and Widespread Bloodshed and now they focus on shorter songs and faster songs and some more fast short songs.Shortly after the band was put together the first demo was recorded at Studio Tellus with John Rönnerblad, then some local shows. A couple of months later it was once again time to record some tracks for the Expurgo 5″split and the 7″split with Massgrav. Play … Continue reading OVERVIOLENCE!

Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!

Label currently working on several projects:The Kill– kill them…all 12″LP (colaboration) Warsore/ Soil Of Ignorance split 7″EP (colaboration) MESRINE/ G.O.D. split 7″EP (colaboration) YATTAÏ– Fast Music means Love CD (colaboration) Overviolence / Expurgo split 5″EP (hope to have it for summer) Mindflair brand new album! Release date march 2015! Agathocles/ MPG split 7″EP (colaboration ) Haemophagus/ SUBJUGATION split 7″EP (colaboration) Continue reading Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!