Dehumanized Earth / Dis-eased (Outrageous Defecation Records)

As many of you know the Crust scene in Canada is pretty large. There are a lot of great bands, but not many of these are more or less famous. So today we will try to examine in detail and dissect this split. Let’s start with a small introduction… Both of them are from Quebec City and both of them are suffering (in the case of Dis-eased – suffered, because the band split up 10 years ago) from crust punk disease. Small and unnecessary fact: some of the guys from Dehumanized Earth also played in Septicémie (one more unknown name) … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth / Dis-eased (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Global Holocaust / Dehumanized Earth

Here is a raw and noisy crust split from one cold and brutal country. These Canadians are pretty famous inside their land (especially Global Holocaust which started in 89). Both of them did some hiatus and both are active now. The bands dedicated their covers for war problems. Global Holocaust chose a picture from old war in Korea and Dehumanized Earth take a photo from some war act in Africa (sorry but I don’t know exactly this picture is from). This split starts with good punch from GxHx! Guys play pretty aggressive and fast. Minimum amount of melodies and maximum … Continue reading Global Holocaust / Dehumanized Earth


I don’t know why but it seems Canadians won’t stop…this nation has so much energy that there is no place where to spend it. So people are creating new bands or continue to play, or reunite in different “play loud drum fast” bands. Here is a great examle of releasing of such an excessive energy.Existench songs are just as raw and stinky as the smoke that they featured on the cover. This band has a lot of releases behind its back, and its history is very interesting as well. The sound might be weak and soft, but the songs sound … Continue reading Existench/Deboned

Restricted Rights / Skunk

I want to dedicate this review to my good friends from both bands Skunk and Restricted Rights. This split is full of dirty noises, good swing rhythms and filled with serious social life themes… At the very first look this split seems to be super deep and cruel, the innocent victim topic is very close to me… War, suffering, death, dead children, hunger… The artist did a great job. This picture looks very detailed and the longer you look at it the more you can see. First three songs are from Restricted Rights. It`s a pretty dirty and angry crust … Continue reading Restricted Rights / Skunk

Darkmill ‎– Feed The Poor (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Oh, and what a strange CD I got here… I’ve been thinking what to write about this one. I had to listen to it for like 3 times to fully grasp and understand this album, because guys have mixed so many different things together here. The thing that got me confused was probably the fact that this release is considered to be crust/grind/punk… And, of course, we got all those genres here, but I could hear different metal pieces as well, multiple genres (but not like in most death metal bands). And it`s pretty good that guys don’t set limits… … Continue reading Darkmill ‎– Feed The Poor (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Quite unfairly, Canadian band ‘Dehumanized Earth’ aren’t given enough attention. Although this group is not very well known, their were very active (they had split up some years ago but now, but have since reformed and are preparing something new) and made many good things for the local Canadian scene. The songs of this band filled with serious and painful topics, which are also displayed on the cover of this album. To newcomers, Dehumanized Earth play a combintation of crust and d-beat with strongly accented bass, with vibration from which your brain pleasantly dissolves into jelly. All songs are pretty simple, sometimes played … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Skunk/Existench split 7"

Hm I think it’s already third purely Canadian split that I review this year. But this only proves that canadian scene is growing and nothing can stop it. On this piece of plastic we can see crusters Skunk and old grinders Existench (this is their first record after reunion). Externals of this split look very pretty. Good and sharp social theme (yep today it wouldn’t surprise anyone but the artist did a very good job) All this biological remains, worms, chemical factory on background all this stuff designed in best traditions. Skunk are first one, they begin this split. I … Continue reading Skunk/Existench split 7"