Blood – Impulse To Destroy – Live At Obscene Extreme 2015 (Noise Not War Records)

Back in 2015 Obscene Extreme had a lot of good (or not so good, haha) bands. During these black days legendary German bombers Blood have also played. Their set was recorded and now I hold the result of it in my hands, a small one but, quite disgusting cassette. The most interesting thing about this live recording is that the guys have played the best hits from their debut album, Impulse To Destroy. No matter that these guys’ heads are gray-haired now but they play just like 20 years ago, with that wild and angry energy! I’ve heard a lot … Continue reading Blood – Impulse To Destroy – Live At Obscene Extreme 2015 (Noise Not War Records)

Erectile Dementia / Sedem Minut Strachu (Noise Not War Records)

Hey slob heads from all over the globe! This split is for you, hahaha!) And this split is pretty nice, I’m really happy that labels managed to release it this year… So I will not bore you with long stories, here are few words about each band, enjoy!) Erectile Dementia is one of the projects from a famous bearded man Doug Long (Brody’s Militia, Funerary Box, Hellnation). This guy is pretty versatile and he knows how to create interesting music. The music of E.D. exactly rehearse the cover art of this split, hehe) Here you will hear crazy rhythms and … Continue reading Erectile Dementia / Sedem Minut Strachu (Noise Not War Records)


NNW is a UK based DIY oldchool grindcore/noisecore/crust/death etc label that starts 2013. Focused mainly on tape and merch. contact: letek07@gmail.comfb pageblogspot So far released: NNW 001 G.O.D. (can) – Neurofibromatosis demo tape re-releasedNNW 002 Sete Star Sept (jap) – Live Atrocity tape + dvdNNW 003 Internal Rot (au) – Reh & live tape + bonus s/t ep tapeNNW 004 Bodyhammer (prt) – demo tapeNNW 005 Fiend (us) – Derailed ep tapeNNW 006 Chappa’ai (hu) & Melanocetus Murrayi (gr) – split tapeNNW 007 Sedem Minut Strachu (slo) – Promo 2015 (free copies available at Obscene Extreme only) tapeNNW 008 Bodybag … Continue reading NOISE NOT WAR RECORDS!

Bodyhammer – Full Noise (Noise not War)

Have you ever felt like the information you get makes your face expression really (and I mean REALLY) surprised? Well, that’s how surprised I was when I started to look closely on the Bodyhammer’s tape cover. What is the shortest lifespan for a music band could be? Year? 6 months? Hell, no! These two crazy grindheads from Portugal formed Bodyhammer, and two days later they stopped it! But during these two days (December, 20th – December, 22nd, 2013) they did a live show and recorded 13 minutes of their stuff. They released it on tapes (by the way, I should … Continue reading Bodyhammer – Full Noise (Noise not War)

Fiend – Derailed (Noise not War)

Last year I noticed a few really good releases and also some great interesting bands that I’ve never heard until then. Fiend is one of those bands… I guess grindcore duos is a pretty generic thing nowadays, but these guys made me remember them for a long time. Maybe I’m over-praising them, but if you don’t believe me, see for yourself – the reaction and comments of grind freaks are pretty praising too, hehe)Now back to our American psychos. Right now there’s a tape EP called Derailed in my hands. It was released by British label Noise Not War, white … Continue reading Fiend – Derailed (Noise not War)