Forest Hum – Innocence (No Bread rec)

Although this band was created on the remains of Afonia, but Forest Hum has its own ugly face and very strong potential. When I heard this band first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the feed and quality of their stuff. The debut work “Innocence” for a long time was in the digital version on the network and just recently found a tape flesh. By the way cassette design has undergone a positive change and now this swamp monster looks more darker and angrier. That is shown in the artwork but despite this you will not find any dampness in this 8 songs. These crazy … Continue reading Forest Hum – Innocence (No Bread rec)

Chronic Waste – Procreation of the Wasted

It`s really great that there is more and more interesting extreme noise bands appear on the territory of the former Soviet Union. One such young band is the topic of this story. Chronic Waste is based in cultural capital od Russia in St. Petersburg city. It is formed by the blockheads from bands like Sram and Camphora Monobromata (pretty well known guys, ha?)). The face of their debut work Procreation of the Wasted was decorated by wonderful artist Jon (he made almost all arts for Internal Damage and also our previous banner was made by him too) When 6 songs … Continue reading Chronic Waste – Procreation of the Wasted

Su19b – The World Doomed To Violence (No Bread!)

Su19b’s full album is what i’ve been looking forward to enjoy. The band was a little bit off the beaten path from the very beginning… but, actually, you can say that about many japanese bands. But I wasn’t the only one drooling over the upcoming release. As a proof, we’ve got tons of sold out copies and multi-format releases. Here I’m going to review the cassette one. I should probably start with the only minus there…The cover art was supposed to be square-shaped, but, since it’s a cassette, they had to distort it a little.It’s not that horrible, but still not really good… The … Continue reading Su19b – The World Doomed To Violence (No Bread!)

Despise You – All Your Majestic Bullshit (No Bread rec)

I did not hear anything from Despise You for quite some time, before, finally, in 2015 they delivered their new work that called All Your Majestic Bullshit. Was it a success? The label (wich released vinyl version) got rid of all copies less than a month! I got the cassette edition of this wonderful release. My feelings about this are rather ambiguous. On one hand, it’s their new material and its really strong, but… there is only 3 songs and as soon as I started feeling like getting my ass kicked in a circle pit, the record ends… causing great … Continue reading Despise You – All Your Majestic Bullshit (No Bread rec)

Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)

This intercontinental split has experienced many delays and other difficulties. But nevertheless with joint efforts of bunch of labels this finally happened and split was released. Badass white vinyl with weird art from Jon (fantastic artist from Russia) is great and beautiful (of course only if you’re a fan of vomiting monsters with three heads:)) present for all grindcore fans.Coffin Birth opens this split. This material is not new (these 3 songs were taken from Cult of the Technocrat tape) but it`s still very cool. I always liked their straight and honest grindcore. Of course in their music there is … Continue reading Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)