Embittered – Infected (Complete Discography)!

Almost 30 years after their first demo and several split releases, here is the ultimate Embittered discography, the double LP contains the “And you ask why? Demo, the “2 nd Demo”, the material from their Split LP with DYSTOPIA and Their Split 7″ with HIATUS plus their own “Choke” EP. It had slow metal parts, fast as fuck grinding moments, typical crustcore with dual vocals, some vintage hardcore, some distinctively anarcho references… It makes one think of early Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Electro Hippies, Disrupt, Anti-System, Disorder, Deviated Instinct but at the same time, it never feels like a … Continue reading Embittered – Infected (Complete Discography)!

Die You Bastard! – Zenshin Zenrei!

Die You Bastard! from Japan is very close to the top of the top. This reload is central in our Japanese week. We are lucky to be alive in the right era to benefit from this ultimate grinding crossover synthesis of two decades of metal and hardcore, amen. So fast, classy, brutal and yet melodic and musically proficient, the best of everything! Japarmaggeddon supra – The blastfest never ends! Die You Bastard! fashion, so very fast as any Grindcore, so very catchy as any metallized Punk. A bit like a faster Rose Rose, that incredibly great, yes! Die You Bastard! … Continue reading Die You Bastard! – Zenshin Zenrei!

First look at split Agathocles / Maläd!

Mince veterans and noiseheads from Ukraine on one release! This tape will be released by:  Shit-Eye cassettes (Japan), Shitresist records (Singapore), Trashfuck records (USA), Strangulation Furrow records (USA), Murder Records (Netherlands), Rotova Porojnina Records (Ukraine). More info soon! Continue reading First look at split Agathocles / Maläd!

Brazilian grinders Desalmado just released a new album!

The 3d album is ready! As always Desalmado shows us a strong combination of grindcore, death metal, and crust. This is a worldwide release through Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records (Brazil and Latin American), Gruesome Records (Europe), and Blood Blast Distribution (worldwide digital distribution). You can listen to the whole album HERE! Continue reading Brazilian grinders Desalmado just released a new album!

Great show in Las Vegas!

After Sin City Slaughterfest destroys Las Vegas Friday and Saturday night, come enjoy a free show in the Arts District on Sunday afternoon hosted by Wise Grinds Records, Gutter Christ and Panic INC. and Hellhouse Productions. Join grindcore legends PLF (TX) along with, DETERIORATION (MN), MARTHA’S GOT A LIMP WRIST (IL), HATE FOR HUMANITY (CA), POWER TOKE (NM), SHITBRAINS (CA), LIFE’S TORMENT (NV), and ROTT SCAPE (NV) at Recycled Propaganda Gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District. Event page Continue reading Great show in Las Vegas!