Horrible Earth “Discography 2013 – 2019”

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the collection “Discography 2013 – 2019” of Horrible Earth! Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Horrible Earth formed in 2012 and mercilessly deliver a calloused wrath of Grindcore filled with Punk/Hardcore and Death Metal influences. “Discography 2013 – 2019″ is loaded with barbaric riffs, uncivilized blastbeats, cold-blooded snarling, and a thick slurry of low-fi bass delivering a savage criticism of the failures of the human race. This compilation consists of the debut Self-titled LP, Typical Human Behavior LP, songs from the Split 7” with Psycho and a bonus live cover of GG Allin’s ‘Look Into … Continue reading Horrible Earth “Discography 2013 – 2019”