OEF 2019! Punk day!

“You are surely asking why punk of all things? Well, it’s quite simple as without punk there would be no grindcore, thrash, death, hardcore and maybe there would not be lots of other things too!!! I’m very grateful I have met punk on my way. I have a lot of friends among the punks and I also feel like a punk myself (partially at least). Punk is just great as it has destroyed almost everything that was before. It was a total shock and it still can be unbridled, rough and it calls for personal freedom absolutely unambiguously and uncompromisingly … Continue reading OEF 2019! Punk day!

Mesrine – I Choose Murder LP is out NOW!

Being originally released back in 2005 in CD format only, the second full-length album “I Choose Murder” by our beloved Canadian pure old school grind butchers MESRINE got a proper format treatment. Prefering quality over quantity Uranium Overdose spent a year preparing this one and with no hesitation I can proudly say that this LP is a pinnacle withing the catalog. Let me share with you features of this beautiful package: – 20 devastating tracks of mesmerizing audio terror – special remastering for vinyl pressing done by Jack in 2018 – oxblood red color vinyl – extremely sick artwork personally obtained and … Continue reading Mesrine – I Choose Murder LP is out NOW!