News release from Lower Class Kids Records!

LCKR is very proud to present you a new, promising german underground band in ANTRO. The band members are not unknown and have been active in POWERAGE, HEXER, ATAXIE and INNENSTADTFRONT among others. ANTRO deliver on their 7-track demo a raw as well as rancid sound, somewhere between disgusting old school grindcore á la Repulsion, wild 80’s HC punk and a pinch of early extreme metal. In short, this fresh project delivers 7 grindy metalpunk anthems with filthy riffing, groovy to blasting drums and inimitably nasty vocals, perfect for pissing on the graveyard or vomiting on churches. You can pre-order … Continue reading News release from Lower Class Kids Records!

News from Wise Grinds Records!

New CD is out! “Birth of Protuberance” recorded live, improvised, D.I.Y., and drunk at The Dojo on March 27th, 2021. ft. members of Invidiosus, Rottenness, ex-Deterioration, Violence Condoned. the band was formed from a love for Gutalax, Mincing Fury, the beauty and grace of feathery avion creatures, and polka beats. You can listen to and buy this release at Continue reading News from Wise Grinds Records!