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Sulfuric Cautery “Experiments With Sulfur – The Firts Year 2015-2016” Tape Sete Star Sept/Spastic Burn Victim Split Tape Ass To Mouth “Degenerate” Tape Neuntoter “Consummed In Gore” Tape Agathocles “Total Fucking Chimpoggerthocles • Live At Chimpyfest 2016” Tape Chronic Waste/Ona Snop/Pas Fin/Nasty Face 4 Way Split Tape Acid Feast/Girth Split Tape Meth Drinker/Moloch Split Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

The “Unpalatable Gore Offering” is the fourth split from Choothar Tapes. This time Elliot Smith put together 4 bands from different and dark corners of our shitty planet. Art for this noisy tape was made with the use of lovely pink and grey colors. And fuck yeah, everything looks so cute, hahaha! First band in this split is Meatus. As many of you may know, this is a one man project with Joe (Violent Gorge, Archagathus) in charge. Usually the noise of this band stands out with its messy, raw and low sound. But these 6 songs have pretty shitty … Continue reading Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

Obstreperous Mangling Botheration (Choothar tapes)

Goregrind much like a deadly plague,it creeps around the world… It seems that this genre became pretty popular in our small underground world. There are so many interesting new bands and new nasty releases from old names. So today I want to talk about this muddy international tape which is in my top Gore releases for this year. One tape, 4 slimy bands from Russia, Switzerland, Australia and UK. Cystoblastosis are the first who will release their noise to us. First of all I want to say that I`m feeling some small changes in their music (I guess it`s because … Continue reading Obstreperous Mangling Botheration (Choothar tapes)

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Fentanyl Surprise – discography  Blood – Mental Conflicts Famine – discography  Nakay/LxPxPx – split tape Nasty Face – discography  Sulfuric Cautery/Suppression – split tape Test – Especies  Dont be slow and make your order right now at!!!  Continue reading Out NOW at Grindfather production!

Tapes wave from Grindfather production!

These beauties will be out in few days! For all questions write to: Also you will find many interesting stuff at Continue reading Tapes wave from Grindfather production!

Precocious Gargling Audacity (4-way split)

About a year ago Choothar Tapes started to release these kind of splits. To date, they have released 5 splits in this series (they are united by a similar design and also Nasty Face is on each of these tapes). So for this noise journey we will start with this yellow (like piss) 4-way split which was released in the middle of last summer. This mess starts with good low vomit tunes from French Grossel. These bastards found their own way to curb raw primitive rhythms and sounds. These songs are full of groove and fun tunes and energy. I … Continue reading Precocious Gargling Audacity (4-way split)

Nasty Face / Pancreatic Purulence (Choothar Tapes)

Okay boys and girls it`s time to talk a little bit about gore business. This split has to get attention of fans of rotten tits and nasty sound. Package of this tape has a picture of pretty young man with very beautiful face, ahahaah!) And now something about the bands. Nasty Face is a side project of Elliot (which is more known as a drummer from The Afternoon Gentlemen) and this band is located in Switzerland (probably that guy has the second home here :)). If you’re in love with old goregrind with light grave smell so you are in … Continue reading Nasty Face / Pancreatic Purulence (Choothar Tapes)