Nashgul – Carcava

Look who’s back! Spanish gigolos from Nashgul coming back to us with their new album! It’s been almost 7 years since their previous one! I guess the main reasons for that was some life business and of course new vocals guy. But anyway guys return with new material. Nashgul don’t concentrate to much on recording of full albums (guys prefer to make splits) so that’s why Carcava became only second (but very welcome) own child for them. This album consists of 14 fresh and crushing tracks and also it provides freaky badass art! That drawing was made by constant Nashgul … Continue reading Nashgul – Carcava

Nashgul (11.12.14)

Welcome to our grind radio! Take your seats and grab a beer!) Hector – Hi Alex!! Sorry for the delay, thousand of issues; here we go!!Alex – Hi! Let’s do it! You released tons of splits, a couple of compilations and only one album in 13 years. What’s the deal, guys? Who’s slowing down the process of LP-making?) Hector – We are very slow composing, that’s our main problem. In grindcore, we feel that small 7” recordings work better, faster and more straightforward. A grindcore LP nitpicks, unless you record a “From Enslavement To Obliteration” or an “Horrified” in 2015.We … Continue reading Nashgul (11.12.14)