Matka Teresa / Multinational Corporations

One of the main things in the underground Grind scene is a multicountry friendship. Just look at this small and short split from two bands, who live in two countries on two different sides of our rotten globe. By the way this lathe cut split is limited to only 60 copies (so act fast if you want one for your collection) and this stuff was released in collaboration of 3 label (UK, Netherlands and Russia). But let’s end with introductions and let’s dig into this noise. From visual side this 5” has a pretty interesting cover. The cover contains so … Continue reading Matka Teresa / Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations (03. 08. 14)

Hi, Guys! How’s your Jamat-al-Maut doing? I heard it’s going to be released on Grindfather pro. Sheraz: Jamat Al Maut is kickin’ shit up! The tapes from Grindfather are already out and up for sale. We also had a CD re-release from Southamerican label, Engendroproducciones. Hassan: Grindfather along with Extreme Terror Productions co-released it, you can get it from either one of them. And I encourage Sudamerican grindfreaks to get the CD re-release from Engendroproducciones as well. I like to find new and interesting music. It was pretty surprising to find a grindcore band from Pakistan. Tell our readers about … Continue reading Multinational Corporations (03. 08. 14)