Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Sulfuric Cautery “Experiments With Sulfur – The Firts Year 2015-2016” Tape Sete Star Sept/Spastic Burn Victim Split Tape Ass To Mouth “Degenerate” Tape Neuntoter “Consummed In Gore” Tape Agathocles “Total Fucking Chimpoggerthocles • Live At Chimpyfest 2016” Tape Chronic Waste/Ona Snop/Pas Fin/Nasty Face 4 Way Split Tape Acid Feast/Girth Split Tape Meth Drinker/Moloch Split Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Meth Drinker / Moloch (Grindfather prod)

I know that it is pretty strange for us to write a review on a genre that is far from Grind, but these bands are worth your attention guys. So without any more hesitation, I push this tape into my player. And… The endless abyss of black resin began to envelope me. It`s really hard to believe that such a small country like New Zealand could birth such a dreadful band. If I remember right Meth Drinker is not active anymore. And that makes me a little bit sad because their low sound infection is so good. This band acts … Continue reading Meth Drinker / Moloch (Grindfather prod)