Godhole / Crozier

These Scottish collaboration is like a little clot of rage. Behind the pretty stylish design the pretty fucked-up recording is hidden. These two modern bands show us how nicely sick englishmen can be… but lets keep things in order Hmm, it’s pretty good idea to make a noisy intro and to kick the listener just the second after. Godhole made a solid sound with the metallized accents, not bad. Hard chaotic hardcore/powerviolence shoud be certain to the taste of all modern hardcore lovers. It’s full of agression and that’s good. But the recording itself is rather noisy.Crozier is something experimental, … Continue reading Godhole / Crozier

Brainshit – Escape Reality will be out at Mind Ripper Collective!

Re-releasing the long ago sold out cassette (originally out through Kydoimos Records)! Copies will be available on September 1st. Two-piece hard hitting Grind from the UK which also includes a cover of ‘All Gone Away’ originally by In Disgust. Continue reading Brainshit – Escape Reality will be out at Mind Ripper Collective!

Mind Ripper Collective!

Mind Ripper Collective started at the end of 2014. I started out the label to get local bands and my own band released on 7”/cassette and it grew in to the label it is today. I focus primarily on Powerviolence and Grindcore bands and I aim to always keep this label DIY. CONTACT:mindrippercollective@gmail.comBandcampFacebook page RELEASES: MRIP001 GODHOLE – s/t 7″ MRIP002 ENDLESS SWARM – LOBOTOMY (2ND RUN CS) MRIP003 ENDLESS SWARM/BRAINSHIT – SPLIT CS MRIP004 SPAZZIN’ TO THE OLDIES – A TRIBUTE TO SPAZZ 12″ LP MRIP005 GODHOLE VS CROZIER – ANTHROPHOBIA 7″ MRIP006 ENDLESS SWARM/BRAINSHIT – LIVE AT STUCK ON A NAME CS MRIP007 ENDLESS … Continue reading Mind Ripper Collective!

Attention labels! Need your help!

Malaysian Grindcore band Tools Of The Trade will be joining forces with Scottish Powerviolence band Endless Swarm to release a split 7″ in time for their UK dates this August. We’re looking for labels to help co-release this (if any asian labels are interested it would be a great help!). Email mindrippercollective@gmail.com for more info! Continue reading Attention labels! Need your help!

Endless Swarm – Pointless Existence (Mind Ripper Collective)

«Nevermind that shit, here comes mongo!» (c) Very young British team and almost fresh EP «Pointless Existence» – that’s what I have in my cassette player for quite some time now. A copy # 14 out of 20 … what a nice sample from guys 🙂 But first, traditionally, looking at a cover, because what we have here is very unusual. Who can tell me what is that? What kind of crap is this man wearing? And what it all means? The answer will surprise you very much. This old thing is used to remove freckles. I can not imagine … Continue reading Endless Swarm – Pointless Existence (Mind Ripper Collective)