Mesrine – Old School ’99 (Uranium Overdose)

Are you itching for real dirty, primitive, and noisy grindcore from 90’s? Not a problem! Uranium Overdose has prepared a very lovely re-issue of some old material from the band Mesrine. This limited edition release contains songs from two of the very first releases from these crazy Canadians; a 3 Way Split CD with Traumatism and Nyctophobic + split with legendary Rot. As far as I know, all tracks were remastered. Hopefully, they sound not so messy now (we will check that in second part of our review). The artwork looks like a cover from the 90’s or 80’s. Simple … Continue reading Mesrine – Old School ’99 (Uranium Overdose)

”I Choose Murder" will be released very soon!

Uranium Overdose is working on reissue LP version of the ”I Choose Murder” album by MESRINE / oldschool grindcore from Canada. Album was originally released only on CD in 2005, via Crimes Against Humanity Records from the US. Jack of Mesrine is taking care of remastering for even more intensive listening experience. This new version will feature brand new artwork from the hands of Czech visual butcher Vladimír Vácovský. Uncompromising and pure sheer terror, full of serial killers brutality strictly dedicated to Albert Fish, Pedro Alonso Lopez. Send your questions to Uranium Overdose rec! Continue reading ”I Choose Murder" will be released very soon!

Big news from Grindfather prod camp!

Out soon:Mortify – Demo 2017Mesrine/Fato Out Now: Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages 2009 – 2016Blood – Depraved GoddessSu19b – NeutralizeDeath Toll 80k – Step Down You can buy all of these beauties at Continue reading Big news from Grindfather prod camp!

Mesrine / Sposa In Alto Mare (No Bread rec)

Sometimes even re-issues can be cool…all that concentrated anger which was packed on vinyl recording was transported with care by the help of russian magnetic devices and it was recorded on tape. Artwork on this release is very good, it’s a funny joke on the old good Iron Maiden. Now Eddie is baptized by grindcore)))) And now it’s time to talk about the “music” itself…. The first are candian beer-guzzlers – Mesrine. I won’t say it’s the best material of these guys but it is as absolutely simple as always, without any special tricks, straight like an axe hit. And … Continue reading Mesrine / Sposa In Alto Mare (No Bread rec)

Mesrine / G.O.D.

This split made very long way from the idea to physical incarnation. Labels spent a lot of time releasing this vinyl (I guess that the reason was financial issues, as always)… deadline was changing a lot and I was waiting for this split for more than a year! And finally in the end of the year 2015 I managed to check it out. When I heard about this split for the first time I wasn’t even surprised because guys from both bands live in the same country and are friends and they have many shows where they play together. So … Continue reading Mesrine / G.O.D.

Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!

Label currently working on several projects:The Kill– kill them…all 12″LP (colaboration) Warsore/ Soil Of Ignorance split 7″EP (colaboration) MESRINE/ G.O.D. split 7″EP (colaboration) YATTAÏ– Fast Music means Love CD (colaboration) Overviolence / Expurgo split 5″EP (hope to have it for summer) Mindflair brand new album! Release date march 2015! Agathocles/ MPG split 7″EP (colaboration ) Haemophagus/ SUBJUGATION split 7″EP (colaboration) Continue reading Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!

Mesrine – Bad Seed…

I think many of us know about Canadian band Mesrine. They perform more than 10 years already, I should note! And now I got in my possession this new EP called “Bad Seed”. It was released by a great guy from Uranium Overdose. I haven’t kept beauty like this for a long time, and I’m not exaggerating right now! Really beautiful splatter vinyl, blue with purple stains, when I took out this 7 inch from the package my face was shining with a smile! The art is black and white, with a dead man’s empty eye sockets looking at us, … Continue reading Mesrine – Bad Seed…