Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader (Left Hand Patches)

I bet that gore community was jumping out of its pants when information about this split appeared. Well, I knew about this super release from the beginning (don’t ask me about my channels); I waited a long time and it was worth it. This is the first release from young Polish label Left Hand Patches (ex Fat Ass rec) and this debut is very hot! It has not typical for goregrind art, you won’t find any blood or human remains in the front image or inside… that maybe weird but I like this unusual art from Luisma. I guess there … Continue reading Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader (Left Hand Patches)

Meat Spreader ‎– Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh

So they`re back… Old Polish legends gathered together and made something very interesting, something nasty and brutal. Just look at these names: Bass – Artur (ex-Squash Bowels); Guitar – Tocha (ex-Dead Infection); Drums – Radek (Neuropathia) and Voice – Jaro (ex-Dead Infection). So as you’ll understand these guys know how to play grind. My postman brought me a parcel with the vinyl variant of this split (which was released by Fat Ass records). This one side bomb contains only 5 songs (it may not be much, but it`s only their first demo). And they are very tasty especially for fans … Continue reading Meat Spreader ‎– Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh

Cryptink arts!

Okay boys and girls today I want to present you some of the Radek Pierscinski works. That shy guy play in bands such as Neuropathia, Dead Goats and Meat Spreader and also he making some gloomy magic with paints. Here is few work of him… As you can see he working in pretty dark genre (like almost artists, hehe), and all his things he makes only with his ow hands (in good old way). By the way if you trying to find a good artist for your band or if you want to see more of Radek stuff, then you should to … Continue reading Cryptink arts!