Violent Gorge / Lt. Dan

Okay punks, this day finally came! I don’t even remember when this release was originally supposed to come out… I guess it should have happened a couple of years ago. But anyway, I`m really happy that this shit is finally out! Well let’s traditionally start with the visual part of this smelly thing. When I first looked at this picture, what my mind said was something like “A rotting nation can birth only dead children”. I don’t know if the artist meant the same but that not necessary. Its an old but nice piece work for Russian artist Jon, that … Continue reading Violent Gorge / Lt. Dan

Archagathus / Lt. Dan (Grindfather Productions, Bloodspit Records)

Love is always beautiful. Love in grind is even better! Love between Canadian lumberjacks Archagathus and American outlaws Lt. Dan gave birth to this wonderful split. It was released in seven-inch vinyl format on the British Grindfather Productions and Russian Bloodspit Records. If you are waiting for something new from these bands, then you can safely ignore this. After all, the guys from Archagathus and Lt. Dan continue to go their own way of noise and screams. By the way, it would be useful to mention that someone made a mistake, and pointed out that the Canadian side must be … Continue reading Archagathus / Lt. Dan (Grindfather Productions, Bloodspit Records)