Alternative Record Label!

Alternative Record Label is a small DIY label from Germany which is 100% dedicated to underground noise. Established in 2013 with a passion for extreme and nasty music. Mostly oriented on supporting noise, grind, crust,but also various other subgenres. Throughout the 5 years since the beginning, A.R.L. are responsible for countless a massive load of tapes and vinyl releases. Contact: facebook RELEASES: ARL001-Gall/Vvvnde co release ARL002-We are Sick-7 Palmos ARL003-EddieXMurphy ARL004-Chaki Chan  ARL005-They Murder  ARL006-GI JOKE-Discography Co-Release  ARL007-MoneyXHater/Pure Noise ARL008-MoneyXHater/Agathocles ARL009-ShitnoiseBastards/Teknokrater co release ARL010-Sete Star Sept/CxTxD ARL011-Mored ARL012-Shinju ARL013-Kill-O-Vision ARL014-Tenchu-Discography ARL015-Extreme Smoke 57/Deflowered Cunt co release ARL016-Deche Charge/Noise Brutalizer … Continue reading Alternative Record Label!

Misanthropic Ignorance!

Misanthropic Ignorance was started primarily to release my own band’s releases along with my friends projects. The label has been primarily used to for grindcore, goregrind, noisecore, harsh noise, dark ambient, and black metal projects. At this point the releasing has halted for the most part but will continue to release works from time to time. The store includes distro items, label releases, and personal collection items. (The label is ran by Kyle from Couple Skate) Next release is that of a live PIZZAHIFIVE tape including a soundboard recording from their set at the Agathocles show in Cleveland 2016. This will … Continue reading Misanthropic Ignorance!


Crit de Fastic Records, was born in Barcelona in 2012 with Nata to the controls, but since 2015 it works from Berlin. Starts with no much money and so much love for the vinyls and for the audioshit, and some friends from Barcelona, make my first contacts with outern grindcore bands like Twisted Truth from the Czeck Republic. Then, i start to move much more in the underground scene in Barcelona and i meet a lot of bands ans projects, and different persons and friends stars to trust in my project and then, this shit begins. First local and national bands, … Continue reading CRIT DE FASTIC RECORDS!


NNW is a UK based DIY oldchool grindcore/noisecore/crust/death etc label that starts 2013. Focused mainly on tape and merch. contact: letek07@gmail.comfb pageblogspot So far released: NNW 001 G.O.D. (can) – Neurofibromatosis demo tape re-releasedNNW 002 Sete Star Sept (jap) – Live Atrocity tape + dvdNNW 003 Internal Rot (au) – Reh & live tape + bonus s/t ep tapeNNW 004 Bodyhammer (prt) – demo tapeNNW 005 Fiend (us) – Derailed ep tapeNNW 006 Chappa’ai (hu) & Melanocetus Murrayi (gr) – split tapeNNW 007 Sedem Minut Strachu (slo) – Promo 2015 (free copies available at Obscene Extreme only) tapeNNW 008 Bodybag … Continue reading NOISE NOT WAR RECORDS!

Craniophagus Parasiticus Records!

Craniophagus Parasiticus Records started in Toronto, Ontario, in October 2015. The label focuses on making cassette releases for gorenoise, noisecore, goregrind, and power-electronics projects from all over the world. Every release is DIY and I aim to keep it that way. NOT SAFE FOR COWARDS.  Contact: craniophagus.parasiticus@gmail.comBandcampfacebook pageblog Releases: CPR001 – Neurocysticercosis / NeuroblastomaCPR002 – Fabio, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fecaluria”CPR003 – Horse Meat, “274 Track Demo”CPR004 – Methlab Explosion, “Odium”CPR005 – Insectiovre / NeuroblastomaCPR006 – Shaolin Spade, “97 Fists Of The Noisegore Technique”CPR007 – Oozing Pus / SarcoptesCPR008 – Black Bile, “Demo 2015”CPR009 – Saponified Fats / SarcoptesCPR010 … Continue reading Craniophagus Parasiticus Records!

Uterus Productions!

Uterus Productions was founded in September 2014 by Antonio Vitolo and Amos Lachat.The Idea Of Founding a label came as a result, when both were active together on a contemporary project called „Advanced Xenomorp Uteral Tumour“, and released the first EP „Uteruses Will Be Obliterated“. Also the passion and vast interest in extreme Underground and experimental music pushed the idea further and motivated to make Uterus Productions bigger and a more active Label.The Sound is not bounded by any certain genres, but of course also keeps up with our musical tastes.Which can vary from Death Metal, Black Metal, Power Electronics, … Continue reading Uterus Productions!

L’è Tütt Folklor Records!

L’è Tütt Folklor Records is a DIY label founded by Attila and Giulio in 2003 in the Onsernone Valley (Switzerland).At first it was just a logo and a name on the back covers of the self produced cd-r’s and tapes of Attila’s and Giulio’s first bands. Then, with the inception of Insomnia Isterica, the label started to get more (pro)active. Building connections and trading with friends from other countries was the first stage to get to know how the DIY network operates. Afterwards, LTFR started to launch and join DIY collaborations and coproductions.L’è Tütt Folklor Records mainly focuses on grindcore … Continue reading L’è Tütt Folklor Records!


Specializing in whatever, but grindcore is at the forefront of what I have and will be releasing. I will also be publishing comix and artist prints, mostly consisting of people who have provided their work for related bands. ~ Only thing I have released so far is the xABRUPTx / TENCHU split tape and AGITATE / HAGGUS split tape but I have many releases currently in production that should be out within the next few weeks such as ABORTION / SRAM split 7″ , STRATEGIC WAR HEADS – (US) WAR HEAD tape which is their debut release, FARTING CORPSE – … Continue reading NIGHT BUSINESS RECORDS!


DEAF DEATH HUSKY started in 2015 in Besançon, France under the impulsion of Pibe (Whoresnation). This label is dedicated to releasing noise and music worth listening with a DIY ethic. Tapes and records are released trying to keep the DIY spirit. CONTACTS: deafdeathhusky@gmail.comDeafDeathHusky web DeafDeathHusky bcDeafDeathHusky fb RELEASES: DDH001 GUILLOTINE – St tape DDH002 CHIENS / SIX BREW BANTHA – Split live tape DDH003 GROSSEL – Boat Battle tape DDH004 BLACK CODE – MMXIV tape DDH005 THE SIOUX / DEAD RAMONES – Split 7″ DDH006 SOIL OF IGNORANCE – Dealing with the remains 7″ DDH007 AGATHOCLES / GROSSEL – Split … Continue reading DEAF DEATH HUSKY Records!

Nuclear Alcoholocaust records!

Nuclear Alcoholocaust records France. Started at the end of 2007, focusing on Grindcore/Noisecore. mostly on tapes and wax. TRADES ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!  CONTACTS: aatiq.cham[nope] gmail[nope]com Official site Nuclear Alcoholocaust fb RELEASES: NA146 – SHITNOISE BASTARDS/CHAOTIC SOUND Split Tape (ltd 50) NA144 – SATAN “L’odeur du sang” LP NA143 – MALICIOUS EXISTENCE/SNUFFX Split Tape (ltd 40) NA142.5 – PENIS VIBRATOR “Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Baby” Tape (ltd 60) NA142 – INSOMNIA ISTERICA “Alcoholarchy” 7″ NA141 – DISLECKSICK/SETE STAR SEPT Split Flexy 7″ NA140 – SHITNOISE BASTARDS/SNUFFX Split Tape (ltd 80) NA139 – HYPEREMESIS/TERMINATOR 666/ POWERTRIP/ GANJEBASS GRINDER Split Tape NA138 -FLARE UP/SEITAN … Continue reading Nuclear Alcoholocaust records!


B.O.G. records or Bringer Of Gore records & tapes is a small DIY label located in Belgium. It started summer 2004 as a paper zine. After 3 issues  i started releasing tape & vinyl releases! Mostly mincecore/grindcore/noisecore/harshnoise/goregrind!  CONTACTS:  bringerofgore@hotmail.comOfficial site RELEASES: BOG001: Bringer Of Gore… issue II + double Comp. TAPE “The Review Sessions” SOLD OUTBOG002: VOLITION: Promo CD-R  2005  SOLD OUT                                BOG003: WORLD DOWNFALL: Rehearsal Jan. 2003 TAPE SOLD OUTBOG004: PUTREFIED GENITALIA: “The Dead” TAPE  out BOG005: JAN AG/EXTREEM BLOEDBAD/CANNIBE: 3-way split TAPE outBOG006: EGO … Continue reading BRINGER OF GORE!

Gozer Records!

Gozer Records is a one man DIY label focusing on grind and other extreme music genres. Founded in 2012, Gozer Records has released grind band from all over the world on various formats (tape, CD-r, vinyl). 2016 brings release number 30 for Gozer. Contact: Gozer Records fb Gozer shop Releases: GZ-01 – Pascow self titled EP (CD-R)   GZ-02 – Agathocles/Heliophobia split (CD-r)  GZ-03/04 – Exist In Thought EPs (digital)   GZ-05 – Pascow III (mini CD-r)   GZ-06 – Destroy the Humans “Made of Hate ” (mini CD-r)   GZ-07 – Undertaker “Denied Existence” (mini CD-r)   GZ-08 – Anal Abort … Continue reading Gozer Records!