Power It Up (21.06.18)

Hello Tom and Fabio! How are you guys? You’re probably busy preparing packages for shipping, am I right?) Hello Alex, Thank you for your interest in POWER IT UP. This is where the preparations for the festival season begin. We are also busy finishing our upcoming releases. I’m very interested in the story of Power it Up, please tell us how it all started … It all started 25 years ago when I founded POWER IT UP with my then partner. We had previously dealt with second hand stuff and therefore we had met Kim from Nailed Down, which then … Continue reading Power It Up (21.06.18)

To Live A Lie Records (03.06.17)

Hi, Will! How’re you doing? Let’s start with the question that was bugging me for a long time: how do you manage to keep your thick beard in perfect shape? Does it help with managing label?) Oddly it isn’t much to keep in shape, it is more keeping it out of things.. car doors, guitar straps, bike gears. To the second question, it makes most of the business decisions. Quite obvious question, but still, how TLAL started? Was your decision about starting it instant and impulsive, or you thought about every detail before starting it? I feel like everyone questions … Continue reading To Live A Lie Records (03.06.17)

Imminent Destruction Records!

Hardcore Punk label from UK, started in 2012. Specialises in producing new and unknown bands from all over the world. Musical styles constantly vary and have included crust, post-punk, hardcore, noise, grind, D-Beat, street punk, death metal, anarcho punk Contacts:Imminent Destruction fbImminent Destruction bc Imminent Destruction blog Imminent Destruction bigcartelReleases:ALEA IACTA EST / RAS – SPLIT 7” – ID-001VENDETTA – VENDETTA 7” – ID-002V/A – ACCELERATION TO DOOMSDAY 7” – ID-003AGGRASTAT – NOISE EXTERMINATION 7”- ID-04PROXY – SOMETHING WE’VE ALL SEEN BEFORE LP – ID-05V/A – A ROAR OF INDIGNATION LP – ID-06VIOLENT PARTY – POISON MIXERS 12″- ID-07PANDEMIA – MODERN … Continue reading Imminent Destruction Records!

Fat Ass Records (11.01.15)

Hi, Pawel! How’s your fat ass doing nowadays?)) beer and sausage diet helps with keeping you in shape, right?) Hey Alexander thanx for questions ! Me and my Fat Ass Records are doing preety good, yeah thats right im a small fatty pig now with big tammy due to fact no sport in last few monthsplus this typicall unhealthy diet beer & fast foods but im done with this things  and like on every beginning of year new plans new diet new life hahaha till February i think Label is active since really long time. And for all these years … Continue reading Fat Ass Records (11.01.15)