Starting out by accident in 2010, Internal Rot was born from a spontaneous jam between Brad of Super Fun Happy Slide and Christoph of the just-then-defunct Roskopp, Doubled Over and Trench Sisters, which yielded a surprising crop of ExTx style grind. They then recruited Max from Agents Of Abhorrence on vocals and quickly started playing shows and recorded a 7”. A year after forming they headed over to the U.S to play some shows in the northeast. Upon return to Australia the 7” was released by Crucificados and 625 Productions, home to their heroes Immortal Fate, Deadbodieseverywhere, Plutocracy, Scholastic Deth, Gory … Continue reading INTERNAL ROT!

Internal Rot (10.01.15)

Hi, Brad! How’s it going after your LP’s release and tour in the country of Uncle Sam? G’day Alex, the last half of 2014 was a little more subdued with ‘real life’ taking up more of our time. We’ve been playing some ripper gigs fairly regularly though and have written some new material. We’ve been stoked with how much people are digging the LP, getting on end of year lists etc, we think its a ball tearer and it’s nice to have that validated by fellow nerds on the net. We’ve got a split 7″ with Mellow Harsher from Wisconsin … Continue reading Internal Rot (10.01.15)