Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

For this split, guys from Skruta provided 4 raw songs. If you are a big fan of Nasum or Gadget, then it is unlikely that you would like this sound. But for me, it sounds pretty good. The only thing I do not like here is a guitar sound (It lacks meatiness and volume). All songs are cheerful with a good serve and enjoyable blast beat. Hmm… I guess, from all this material, the song “Three fingers up your ass” is amongst the best, it’s kind of protest against the activities of the local national party / organization.  So, hello … Continue reading Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

Looking for labels! Need help!

Need some labels for releasing split between Skruta & Internal Damage (7 ep format) Skruta (Uzhgorod, Ukraine, listen here) is playing aggressive grindcore in vein of Benumb, Wormrot, early Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Internal Damage (St.Petersbourg, Russain Federation,listen here) is one of the most well-known Russian grindcore acts, perfoming oldschool grindcore in vein of Napalm Death, Nasum e.t.c. Check few tracks from this split HERE! For all questions and propositions write to: Continue reading Looking for labels! Need help!

Internal Damage – Age Of Violence (EveryDayHate)

Internal Damage is a band from St. Petersburg was formed in 2007.These guys set for ourselves three objectives: grindcore, old school, and grindcore once again!In the first years lives of Internal Damage guys have already managed to make an album and a split with the legendary Japanese Unholy Grave.But in this review we will look at their second album Age Of Violence. Indeed we can say that the cover of the CD forms a clear idea of what you will hear, inserting the disc into your player.Unchanging artist under the name Jon, keeps guys a support for his work.This time he … Continue reading Internal Damage – Age Of Violence (EveryDayHate)

Internal Damage & Fitcage (No Bread rec, Total Punk Records, Extreme Torture Store‎)

Sup, people! What do you know about Russian grind scene? I guess not much, unless you’re some grindcore freak that looks into every nook and cranny. Well, here it is – the release of two solid Russian grindcore bands! I am happy to tell you about this split!One of the bands is a Saint-Petersburg’s band Internal Damage. The other band is Fitcage from Kazan. These two bands perform old school grindcore that you know very well, you know, that metal-inspired grindcore from the 90’s, hehe!The songs are all about different distresses of humanity. Especially I should note a constant theme … Continue reading Internal Damage & Fitcage (No Bread rec, Total Punk Records, Extreme Torture Store‎)

Internal Damage (30.04.14)

Answers by Dym (drummer)Hi! How’re you doing? Listen to what your mom says?) Does cold Norwegian wind makes you feel a bit chilly?) Hey! All’s fine as usual. The time has passed when we was mom-obeying guys, but also we was badass bastards betweenwhiles I guess though, so now we have quite obedient moms, hah. Actualy thanx them for their endless support. As about northern wind, we’re all from south, so we would not mind if St. Petersburg would be not the northern but southern capital. If I am not mistaken, your EP, that will come out soon, was waiting … Continue reading Internal Damage (30.04.14)