Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages

My old friends from Insomnia Isterica finally released a discography! Finally we’re able to enjoy the noise without switching all 7 eps on our turntables, ha! The “Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages” was realized on CD and cassette. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the tape, so with this write up I will cover the release from Grindfather Prod. Funny thing, this cassette looks like it’s pro made (by a factory) but I definitely know that this is a diy release. Recording and all prints were made by punk hands, and that is impressive. But, all this talk … Continue reading Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages

Big news from Grindfather prod camp!

Out soon:Mortify – Demo 2017Mesrine/Fato Out Now: Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages 2009 – 2016Blood – Depraved GoddessSu19b – NeutralizeDeath Toll 80k – Step Down You can buy all of these beauties at Continue reading Big news from Grindfather prod camp!

Insomnia Isterica / Grossel

This is one of those splits that I’ve been waiting for a long time. This is because of two solid representatives of European grind core scene (we will talk about them a little bit later). The split was designed by the vocalist of Insomnia Isterica, his style is so unique that it is hard not to recognize it. This time he managed to insert a big amount of cute characters in one picture. All these punk zombies look very funny to me and if you look at them more carefully, you won’t find two similar characters. Switzerland is famous not … Continue reading Insomnia Isterica / Grossel

Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)

This intercontinental split has experienced many delays and other difficulties. But nevertheless with joint efforts of bunch of labels this finally happened and split was released. Badass white vinyl with weird art from Jon (fantastic artist from Russia) is great and beautiful (of course only if you’re a fan of vomiting monsters with three heads:)) present for all grindcore fans.Coffin Birth opens this split. This material is not new (these 3 songs were taken from Cult of the Technocrat tape) but it`s still very cool. I always liked their straight and honest grindcore. Of course in their music there is … Continue reading Coffin Birth / Total Fucking Destruction / Insomnia Isterica / Skruta (4-way split)


Insomnia Isterica is a 3-piece grindcore band from the South of Switzerland started in 2006 with over 20 releases and many more to come.****After playing in juvenile hardcore punk and death metal bands, Giulio and Attila decided in 2006 to rejoin their forces to create another stupid band to waste their time, drink some beers together and fight paranoia. Thanks to alcohol abuse and constant hatred they released their first demo and splits on pro cd-r and tape format and took part on some compilations. Some times later they asked Mirko and Fafo to join the band mainly to play live … Continue reading INSOMNIA ISTERICA!