Noxa (20.04.18)

Hello guys! First of all I want to congratulate you on the new album. You finally made it to your 5th full length release. Hello yeaa thanks bro How long did you work on Propaganda? Around 4 month. What label released it? Blackandje. Are you satisfied with the final result? Yes. I couldnt help but notice that you changed your style a little bit. I catched a lot of thrashy and hardcore elements.. What influenced this album? Yes because in my opinion grindcore can added any some genre metal like death metal, hardcore punk, and trash metal for influence we … Continue reading Noxa (20.04.18)

Psychopathic & Pulmonary Fibrosis (Rottenpyosis Records)

Hmmm… It’s quite a rare thing to see such a release. And the strange thing is not about the bands but the format…3 inch compact disk, small but pretty beautiful thing (maybe you can consider it as an alternative to cassettes). Two bands have placed music on this small piece of plastic… They are Psychopathic from warm and rainy Indonesia and old fua gra lovers Pulmonary Fibrosis from France.Indonesians dropped just 3 songs on this split and that dissapointed me a little bit. But, listening to them I was happy.The guys play very raw grindcore with big metal influences (the … Continue reading Psychopathic & Pulmonary Fibrosis (Rottenpyosis Records)

Sedem Minút Strachu / Paranoia (SSGC)

Finally I got this rare split (only 40 copies were made!) This yellow cassette definitely was made by barbarians for barbarians, hahaha! Joint work of these two bands, give birth to this extremely mad release. And today we are daring enough to listen this tape. From SMS side we have almost 5 minutes of good stoned noisecore. Slovakian trio act short, fast and dirty (like always, haha). And of course they perfectly know how to drill noise into people minds. Barked vocal work sounds ferocious, screams, yelling, roars… of course that shit is pretty foolish and full of fun but … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / Paranoia (SSGC)

Disfare – Self​-​Titled (Abusive Noise Tapes)

In the last few years, the Asian grind scene has really grown. I’m getting more and more emails from there and I hear from new bands all the time (of course, don’t forget to check the old ones). Eventually this tape with the latest Disfare’s recordings fell into my hands. The first thing I noticed is that this tape doesn’t have a gorgeous or spectacular design, but these Indonesian guys show high musical skills. I can really feel that these guys gave their best. Their metal grindcore is very strong and feels like a sledgehammer. I was pleasantly surprised by … Continue reading Disfare – Self​-​Titled (Abusive Noise Tapes)