Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

If I remember it right, this split should have been out at least two years ago, but due to some circumstance, this release was delayed. This CD unites 3 bands from the 3 biggest countries of our cursed planet. So welcome Nauseate – India, Camphora Monobromata – Russia, and Archagathus – Canada. As you may notice this is very Punk stuff. The cover is done in an old crusty style (black and white colors are the mainstay here, each band recorded their stuff on their own, this split oozes diy spirit what else can I say? Nauseate is the lucky … Continue reading Nauseate / Camphora Monobromata / Archagathus

Anorectal Ulceration – Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster

The mighty river of gore – Gangese, gave birth to a very sick band. A band that surprised the Grind underground with its debut album. I`m talking about Anorectal Ulceration and their album Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster. As far as I know these Indian bastards worked long and hard on this recording, my hat’s off to them, these guys have done an impressive and massive job. Believe me this work worthy of listening. Starting fwith the cover design (that isn’t overflowing with gore images and I respect that) the main cover of this CD is charged with … Continue reading Anorectal Ulceration – Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster

Grossty – Crocopter (Transcending Obscurity)

It’s difficult to say objectively why in one of the most densely populated countries in the world, there is so little number of extreme bands. I can hardly count on fingers of one hand, an Indian grind scene and it’s sucks. In the dense flow of different information I noticed a small note about new Grossty album. I remember I was still surprised because I have thought that the guys have split up long time ago, and after a while I have got that CD in my mail. So my friends, now we will plunge into the atmosphere of Indian … Continue reading Grossty – Crocopter (Transcending Obscurity)

Snuffx – Disco Graphy part 1 & 2 (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

Many of you probably know that India is a very overpopulated country with a lot of ancient traditions and with a very dirty river Ganges (in which hundreds of corpses float) … But few of you have heard about the extreme bands in India. And in fact they are really little in numbers, despite the fact that India is one of the biggest countries in the world. Today I will try to tell you in detail about one of the very interesting Indian noise formations. This noisy bunch of pain consists of two people.First of all I find it very … Continue reading Snuffx – Disco Graphy part 1 & 2 (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)