BOLO – Warriors Of Peace

I’m pretty late with this review. I know, but I can’t avoid writing something about this interesting album. So why is this tape so special and interesting? The fact of powerviolence in post Soviet countries is interesting in itself, because this genre is very rare there. This small band is based in the west part of Russia, these guys live in St. Petersburg, The “Warriors Of Peace” is their 5th work. And I must admit that BOLO has mutated in something different. I’m sure that this was a new page in their history. These noises are very different from their … Continue reading BOLO – Warriors Of Peace

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Liquidised / Gastric FluidSarcoptes- A Collection Of Surgical SewageBelegur / Imagine Panzram RxMxHxFxTxVxOx / Necrotizing FasciitisDeflowered Cunt / PissdeadsPyarthrosis / Banquet  For all questions write to Ill Faith Records!  Continue reading A lot of gorenoise tapes out now at Ill Faith Records!

Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis

The disgusting creature named Meatus has been around more than a year, but I’ve decided to write about that dreadful filth only now. In this project, Joe (Archagathus, Hallucinosis, Horrible Pain, Parfumerie, Violent Gorge and others bands) recorded all instruments on his own, pretty talented man, isn’t he?)) This cassette can be compared with big rotting whale carcass which was thrown ashore… Gradually, the sun does its job, a carcass begins to decompose, more and more cadaveric gas is being released and here it is – an apogee – an explosion that is throwing rotten scraps around. The same with … Continue reading Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis