Jack / Meth Leppard (Grey Water Collective)

Summer of 2017 was rather eventful for Aussie Grinders Meth Leppard. From touring the US and playing both Maryland Death Fest as well as Summergrind Fest. To releasing this monster split we present to you today! And they are joined by one of Hungary’s finest Grind acts, the mighty Jack! The front cover of this masterpiece depicts an almost zombie like Crust punk with his dog standing at a stop light on the corner of Eat Shit Boulevard and Die Avenue as a city crumbles behind in chaos and fire behind him. Starting things off with the Jack side of … Continue reading Jack / Meth Leppard (Grey Water Collective)

Vomi Noir / Halitosis (Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench)

Fuck! This is a real present for all gore fans… it`s even hard to find the right words to describe how disgusting this split is, haha! When I was listening to this split I got the impression of a million maggots swarming in my head. Shit this split is so crazy! But let’s looks closely at each band. First band on this split is Vomi Noir from France. These dudes started not so long ago (about 1 or 2 years) but they already get all the attention from gore lovers. Low, dirty, fast goregrind with distorted beast vocals (if you … Continue reading Vomi Noir / Halitosis (Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench)

Father Bluebeard – Gore For Joy (Into the Rave Corpsoration)

So, looks like there is +1 in nasty hungarian bands squad. Please welcome the new, but cool team called Father Bluebeard! There is some grindcore boom going on in this country for last couple years. I am not sure what is the reason behind this, but I definitely like it. Something dark, heavy and filthy is hidden behind that sinful cover art. Looks like guys have very serious goals according to their debut work. Let’s try it out! First thing that hits your brain is awesome buldozer sound. Seriously, Peti Kulcsar (not sure who it is, but I would shake … Continue reading Father Bluebeard – Gore For Joy (Into the Rave Corpsoration)

Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

This split will be out (hopefully) in the end of spling and this wax will be released thru: Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench /  Autistic Society System Records / Grindfather Productions / Blastbeat Worship Tapes /  Repulsive Medias Continue reading Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

Whoresnation / Chappa’ai (Deaf Death Husky Records)

No long introductions here! Label – Deaf Death Husky Records. Bands: Whoresnation (France), Chappa’ai (Hungary). So let’s begin! French croissant lovers from Whoresnation recorded 4 tracks for this lovely split (last of those is a Looking For An Answer cover). That record is short but has a real energizing ferocity. There was a long time since these guys released something but with this split they’re showing us that they are still alive and can kicks our asses!) Their grindcore has a little metal taste, the sound is sharp and very dangerous! And also I love these guys for sincerity in … Continue reading Whoresnation / Chappa’ai (Deaf Death Husky Records)

Halitosis – Decline Of Neural Development (Cadaveric Dissolution Records)

Halitosis is one of these clever terms to describe an oral reek. What could stink more than this? There is a mincing goregrind band with such a name actually! Hungarians deliver us a “Decline Of Neural Development” debut demo tape! This one is a courtesy of Cadaveric Dissolution Records from Russia. People say not to judge a book from it’s cover… But this is another case where cover art actually expose the contents of the tape. If you do look into this collage for too long, you can notice meth addict’s teeth, dead embryos and good old entrails. Reek emited … Continue reading Halitosis – Decline Of Neural Development (Cadaveric Dissolution Records)

Vorgär – Sceptic Faith

Today it’s pretty common thing that there are more and more new bands coming out, they’re like a plague contaminating every territory that it can. Today I’m going to introduce to you a young perspective Hungarian band Vorgär. It was formed in 2014 and a year after they released their first material called Sceptic Faith. And traditionally it was released on tapes. First releases often has its pros and cons, here’s no different from it.Let’s start with the visuals. Guys from the band handled it with all seriousness. Pro-done tape looks very good and high-quality. Even the sticker wasn’t cut … Continue reading Vorgär – Sceptic Faith