Smallpox Aroma – Repulsive Pleasures (Hotel Broslin)

It was a pretty dark morning I was sleeping but my dreams were violently interrupted. My postman rang the fucking doorbell… That was the origin of the problem. He gave me a package and then he leaves me with this small box and a bad mood. I recognize the address, this parcel was sent by a young Australian label, Hotel Broslin. I take a big knife and opened the box. And there I found a new tape of Smallpox Aroma. I thought that a lucky case of destiny has just chosen a good release for review. But, before we begin … Continue reading Smallpox Aroma – Repulsive Pleasures (Hotel Broslin)

Little Puppy Princess – Anti Scum Human (Hotel Broslin Records)

I`m pretty worried about people is South Korea, it seems that they have caught a strong and powerful Grind virus. For just few years their local Grind underground has grown up. And I’m really happy with that, because now we have more great Grind bands in our small family. So today we will speak about the latest release of Little Puppy Princess. This mad trio started only a few short years ago, but a few months ago they visited Australia on tour (and that was impressive). Our friends made some positive changes… They’ve grown up and they’re mutilating the dead … Continue reading Little Puppy Princess – Anti Scum Human (Hotel Broslin Records)

Napalm Death Is Dead / Facepalm Death (Hotel Broslin)

Japan vs USA. Again? Yes my friends, that is right. This split tape is like a horrible soundtrack for Pearl Harbor. Both bands are making fun of Napalm Death (judging by their names) and both of them are playing harsh Noisecore. All this strange hellish sound mess is packed in a small diy tape with Godzilla on the cover art. Japanese duo Napalm Death Is Dead sound very weird. It all starts with strange noise that sounds like someone is beating a stone against a stone. Then these guys bit by bit add some sort of harsh noise (I guess … Continue reading Napalm Death Is Dead / Facepalm Death (Hotel Broslin)

Undinism ‎– Untitled (Hotel Broslin)

Hell yeah! You can say whatever you want but this shit is really cool! It`s only the first release of young australian label Hotel Broslin and it is already so tight! I have no idea where and how they found those rare Undinism records, but I am really happy that they are not lost and now everyone can get & listen this stuff. This band gave a good punch for australian underground scene and I really respect and love those guys for that. A very notable photo was chosen for the cover. The man on this photo has a very … Continue reading Undinism ‎– Untitled (Hotel Broslin)