Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)

So here is another split of this ending year. Miscreated release between spanish pathologists Haemorrhage and holland dildo-humorists Rompeprop! Let’s begin to slit this piece of disgusting noise from the start, we make an incision in the rough skin… Hm, both bands use atypical covers… instead of our usual characters from maestro Luisma we see a stylized coat of arms. And Rompeprop use beer cap (here is no any hint of madness in the spirit of old Hellcock’s Pornflakes) it`s very strange… ow, almost forgot, this split have only one side on the second side ther’s a very beautiful engraving … Continue reading Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)

Last Days Of Humanity – In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions (Fat Ass records)

Oh boy I guess that we all can talk about those guys forever. As for me personally this mini album is something like a pure sample of gorenoise. That stuff was released more than 10 years ago but that material keeps making us happy, people listen to those songs for 10 years and it does not get much older!) As many of you already know polish label Fat Ass rec is making reissues of all LDOH albums in vinyl format and now it`s time for In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions. And first of all I want to talk about its design, … Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity – In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions (Fat Ass records)

Paralyzed Society / Shutdown

In the good old tradition of grind / crust / noise / pv bands love to make splits. The result of this love I now happy to hold in my hands. Two continents meet each other on this tape. Good old Europe and the US. Designed in classic dark colors, the cover image shows us a house after a heavy bombing, that should make it clear even for very stupid person, that work of both bands are connected with the social topic. Unfortunately this is the last current release from Paralyzed Society, guys probably concentrated their affords on Matka Teresa and … Continue reading Paralyzed Society / Shutdown