Heinous / Haggus

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen… Our good fellas from Heinous & Haggus finally made a split! Before their tour, the guys quickly released a tape version, and now (hopefully very soon) the vinyl will be released (and I’m freaking excited about that). So this split has a bitter gory taste, you will start to feel just from looking at this cover art. The artist did great work again! This creepy art looks fantastic! Strange guy that destroys human remains by turning them into minced meat, that is pretty rad! Haggus is the first band on this split … Continue reading Heinous / Haggus

Heinous / Radiation Vomit

Time after time we all need some place to hide from daily life. And, the music world is one of the best ways to escape from this ugly reality. Sometimes work, shit in your personal life and different responsibilities create too much pressure on you, then you want to scream and you want to break the face of every person you come across. Grind music can help you to deal with that and also it`s a really good way to relax and throw out all negative emotions and thoughts. So, today I want to share with you a good split … Continue reading Heinous / Radiation Vomit

Heinous – Gore From The Gutter

It`s very rare when anunknown and very young band can make very loud and impressive noise. But, the guys from Heinous managed to do just that. This small smelly tape has received many standing ovations. In fact this noise made a rsther large wave in the Grind world. This trio from Phoenix arose so unexpectedly, from very beginning these bastards showed to the world what they’ve got, haha! But let’s start in order. My eyes were caught on this gloomy art. A hanged woman who is so rotten, she has been dead some time already and spiders have covered part … Continue reading Heinous – Gore From The Gutter