EntröpiaH – Hundida Existencia (Hecatombe Records)

These piranhas will eat your flesh and will make a holes in your nice grind shirt haha!) So beware because today, I listened to the debut album from Spanish rebels EntröpiaH! So lets take a first look at this release. Hmmm…. I guess the artist that made the cover art has a strange love of corpses on the sea bottom, ahaha… The front, back and guts of this CD layout are filled with lovely creepy pictures. What I first noticed while listening to this album was the powerful old roots influence. I clearly feel an inspiration the band takes from … Continue reading EntröpiaH – Hundida Existencia (Hecatombe Records)

split Entropiah/Test!

This split will be out pretty soon at:  – Hecatombe Records (Almeria, Spain)– No Humano Records (Zaragoza, Spain)– Base Record Production (Alicante, Spain)– Grindfather Productions (UK)– Lazybones Records (Brazil)– Raw recs (Brazil)– 255 recs (Brazil)– Grinder Cirujano Records (Argentina)– Clandestine Productions (Mexico) Continue reading split Entropiah/Test!

Cannibal Ferox / Encabronation (Hecatombe Records)

Look at this artwork it’s so cute and evil! What a cute character with a goat skull on his head, and check what a cool soup cook’s this guy, hehehe!) But let’s cut the jokes, we got here a very strong split between two Spanish deathgrind bands. Let start our acquaintance with Encabronation… These residents of Valencia dumped as much as 14 songs. And mostly they all got a deathgrind color (which is expressed in riffs and rhythms). Here is a very nice and low tasty sound and for those kind of the bands it`s very important. And also I … Continue reading Cannibal Ferox / Encabronation (Hecatombe Records)

Torso – Fosa Común (Hecatombe Records)

Men in Spain love to play grind even more than they love women! 😉 Periodically I look through different music news from this country and I can say that over the past couple of years, the Spanish underground has enlarged with a plenty of new bands. And today we will listen to the debut album of a young Torso band. However traditionally at first we will look through the printed artwork. Hmm, except the passion to the extreme music Spaniards also like the theme of death… Just try to recall the works of such bands as Haemorrhage, Machetazo, Gruesome Stuff … Continue reading Torso – Fosa Común (Hecatombe Records)

Convulsions – S/T

А fresh blood in Spanish grind legion! Local label Hecatombe Records made a right choice when they decided to release these guys! The Convulsions’ name is not very well known yet, but I guess this situation will change very quickly. And it`s not just compliment because guys really deserve it. It`s pretty rare thing when young band can hook up so hard with their debut work. Honestly I was really surprised when I heard that stuff for first time. You can feel that guys worked really hard and have put a part of them in this record. The sound is … Continue reading Convulsions – S/T

New Six-Score album out now!

You can order this album thru: WooAAargh, Bloody Lips Records, Prejudice Me Records, Vleesklak Records, Hardcore For The Losers, Featherlight Records, Hecatombe Records, Epileptic Media, EveryDayHate, TKxPV Records, High Five, Laissez-faire!, Aktiver Aufstand In Plastik Continue reading New Six-Score album out now!

Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

This split released through:Goodbye Mankind, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Hecatombe Records, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Repulsive Medias, Dead rasputin prod., Extreme Terror Production, Grind Your Mind Records, Soondoongi Records, Grindfather Productions, PoGohai Records, Ratto Records  Continue reading Archagathus / Terror Firmer is out!

Always Never Fun ‎– Always Never Fun

Waa, what I’ve got! Fresh Italian band – Always Never Fun with their self-titled album! The wave of powerviolence has blown up from pole to pole with great impetuosity and left post-apocalyptic hell behind! What’s interesting is that I couldn’t find any demo of this band on internet , so they started with solid piece of work indeed! Actually, it could have turned out to be an undue risk…but, in this case it morphed into a pretty good job. I never expected the package from Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec would be that large-sized… I was very surprised with the ample quantity of releases, … Continue reading Always Never Fun ‎– Always Never Fun

Insomnia Isterica ‎– Alcoholarchy (L’é Tütt Folklor Records, Balkongpønker Vinilers, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Dead Heroes Records, Grindfather Productions, Hecatombe Records, RAPS rec)

Well, here’s my first review on Swiss band’s album. Today we’ll talk about band called Insomnia Isterica and their latest release Alcoholarchy. To be honest, I always passed by this band for whatever reason, but now I have to apologize for this, hehe. 9 songs 10 minutes long overall, hmm. It only could be punk or grindcore, right? Well, here we have both! These guys perform great grindcore with old school punk! No super fast guitar riffs or supersonic blastbeats. It’s not Nasum after all, hehe! But Insomnia Isterica is like a sip of a cold tasty beer when you … Continue reading Insomnia Isterica ‎– Alcoholarchy (L’é Tütt Folklor Records, Balkongpønker Vinilers, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Dead Heroes Records, Grindfather Productions, Hecatombe Records, RAPS rec)