Controlled Existence / Headless Death (Dead Heroes rec)

Be careful boys and girls, this split is very spicy. This is the place where Czech fastness meets with Australian primitivism. This release sounds like a weird kind of yin and yang, on one side we have ferocious evil and on the other side we have same evil but more angry and barbaric. As you already understand, this is a very strong release, with which you need to be more careful. So let’s taste this piece of noise!  Czech fellas from Controlled Existence recorded some very “unpleasant” (for someone of course) material. This noise is fast like a rocket and … Continue reading Controlled Existence / Headless Death (Dead Heroes rec)

Headless Death – A Hideous Warning (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Wow, I can’t believe my eyes… One of the most disorganized bands (in Australia for sure) finally released their first full length album! I know that they had recorded almost all parts more than 2 years ago (pretty huge delay isn’t it?) but the final mixing was made only now. That`s pretty suck, but I`m truly happy that this recording wasn`t lost in time. Before putting this CD into my player I want to check the visual part of this release. A Hideous Warning has two covers. First, a choked moron (with a garbage bag on this head) and the … Continue reading Headless Death – A Hideous Warning (Regurgitated Semen Records)


Headless Death was formed in 2011 by the human rubble left over from Roskopp and Pathetic Human. Totally embittered but too stupid to bail out of grindcore for good, Christoph, Lachie and Zev dragged Fil from Rort into the mix, then burped out a demo tape before Fil had time to learn the songs properly.6 months and a bunch of shows later, Zev pulled another dick move and went AWOL. Ignoring this opportunity to turn their shitty lives around (by quitting), Christoph, Fil and Lachie pressed on as a 3 piece. With this lineup they pointlessly subjected more people, including … Continue reading HEADLESS DEATH!