Split Anarco Vomit Noise / 7M$ feat.Spacegrinder is out!

7″ lathe radical harshnoisecore guerrilha AVN from Brasil vs. 7M$ first new lineup recording incl. Marek on saw, in collaboration with Spacegrinder from Japan. Studio recordings, 50 copies. Shoot all your questions to radokaz@yahoo.com Continue reading Split Anarco Vomit Noise / 7M$ feat.Spacegrinder is out!

Napalm Death Is Dead / Facepalm Death (Hotel Broslin)

Japan vs USA. Again? Yes my friends, that is right. This split tape is like a horrible soundtrack for Pearl Harbor. Both bands are making fun of Napalm Death (judging by their names) and both of them are playing harsh Noisecore. All this strange hellish sound mess is packed in a small diy tape with Godzilla on the cover art. Japanese duo Napalm Death Is Dead sound very weird. It all starts with strange noise that sounds like someone is beating a stone against a stone. Then these guys bit by bit add some sort of harsh noise (I guess … Continue reading Napalm Death Is Dead / Facepalm Death (Hotel Broslin)

Sissy Spacek – Reversed Normalization

There are days when you want, oh no, you NEED something very harsh. Something which will beat all the shit (bad thoughts, shitty mood) out of you. Fortunately we have something for you. Not super new,but still a very tight album from American killers of silence Sissy Spacek! These tuys hid something really ugly and dangerous under this retro art (as always guys just confused the listeners with another piece of peaceful art, haha. But let’s cut this intro and let`s listen to this thing. This album differs from previous Sissy Spacek works. “Reversed Normalization” is not usual blasting noisecore … Continue reading Sissy Spacek – Reversed Normalization

Analog Freaks Records!

We are Analog Freaks Records – survivors of the digital age. We love cracking of the vinyl and buzzing of the tapes. We decided to go against the stream of just downloading music from the Internet. Therefore, we joined the army of labels preserving these classic analogue formats, because we think they are essential for the d.i.y. underground. We strongly believe in d.i.y. spirit and this policy is also reflected in the package of our releases. We try to dedicate most of our time and effort until they look perfect, but still have a personal imprint to it. We are analog freaks. Take it … Continue reading Analog Freaks Records!

Erectile Dementia / Sedem Minut Strachu (Noise Not War Records)

Hey slob heads from all over the globe! This split is for you, hahaha!) And this split is pretty nice, I’m really happy that labels managed to release it this year… So I will not bore you with long stories, here are few words about each band, enjoy!) Erectile Dementia is one of the projects from a famous bearded man Doug Long (Brody’s Militia, Funerary Box, Hellnation). This guy is pretty versatile and he knows how to create interesting music. The music of E.D. exactly rehearse the cover art of this split, hehe) Here you will hear crazy rhythms and … Continue reading Erectile Dementia / Sedem Minut Strachu (Noise Not War Records)


B.O.G. records or Bringer Of Gore records & tapes is a small DIY label located in Belgium. It started summer 2004 as a paper zine. After 3 issues  i started releasing tape & vinyl releases! Mostly mincecore/grindcore/noisecore/harshnoise/goregrind!  CONTACTS:  bringerofgore@hotmail.comOfficial site RELEASES: BOG001: Bringer Of Gore… issue II + double Comp. TAPE “The Review Sessions” SOLD OUTBOG002: VOLITION: Promo CD-R  2005  SOLD OUT                                BOG003: WORLD DOWNFALL: Rehearsal Jan. 2003 TAPE SOLD OUTBOG004: PUTREFIED GENITALIA: “The Dead” TAPE  out BOG005: JAN AG/EXTREEM BLOEDBAD/CANNIBE: 3-way split TAPE outBOG006: EGO … Continue reading BRINGER OF GORE!