Haggus / Girth (Fuck Your Life rec)

Short but very dirty split of two fraternal teams Haggus and Girth. Take a look on this exploded head and this crazy sight… It seems like a head of that guy has blown up after listening to this split. Well we`ll dare and we`ll listen to it too. So at first there are 3 short songs from Michigan boys Girth. Hm… a very steep, primitive grindcore breaks through this noisy and dirty record. These guys know how to make your ears bleeding and your brain blowing up. But make no mistake, except for fast blasting pieces we’ll find here some … Continue reading Haggus / Girth (Fuck Your Life rec)

Haggus – Mince The Meat Monger (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

And we continue to review creations of Californian mince bastards from Haggus. Today we listen to their second work called Mince The Meat Monger. As you know these Oakland trio advocates for animal rights, so I guess thats why they chose that photo for front cover. All those pig corpses on the hooks and also those of Inspection verify the quality (if I understand it correctly of course)… all of those pushing you for some thoughts. But if we will speak about a color scheme, I can definitely say that is pretty nice, it`s simple but looks very good. In … Continue reading Haggus – Mince The Meat Monger (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

Haggus – 4 Sonx Demo (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

Today I want to turn your look to sunny California. It`s time to recommend to you (of course only for those who don’t know this band yet) sloppy chops in masks – Haggus! These trio from Oakland love the animals but really hate humans and thats way they use in all their covers pictures with different (cute and not too cute) dead human bodies))And we will start this familiarization from their first work from “4 Sonx Demo”. It`s pretty short tape (only about 4 minutes) in which all the guys showed what they are capable of. As it often happens, … Continue reading Haggus – 4 Sonx Demo (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)