Jack / Meth Leppard split!

The Jack/Meth Leppard split 7″ out late 2016 on Wooaaargh Records (Germany), Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary), Loner cult records (Belgium), Mondo Canibal (Spain), Grindhead Records (Aus), Stoked (Aus), Ill Faith Records (USA), Grey Water Collective (USA)  Continue reading Jack / Meth Leppard split!

Subcut / Sram

To tell you the truth, even the fact of releasing this split was a huge surprise for me. Not only because one of the few post-Soviet mincegrind band made some new material, but also because there’s very old and famous Brazilian grindcore band Subcut is also on this split! First band on this split is a Brazilian one. Now I have to start with telling you how good their artwork is. Yeah, you’re right, nothing new here, but it’s grindcore, it’s how it should be. It depicts the most current themes of evil that humanity brings upon itself, like war, repression, … Continue reading Subcut / Sram