Grind ЗаXXXісь Party 10! Memories…

10й ювілейний ГЗП став дуже визначним. Організатори старались, вкинули купу сил та часу… Чого вартий, лише сам привіз чеських гостів до столиці та організація їм туру. З кожним новим анонсом, цей захід ставав все привабливіший. Нові імена перетиналися з давно перевіреними командами, зголоднілий до грайнду народ був збуджений та чекав 12го жовтня. А тим часом, табір Purulent Spermcanal повільно мандрував містами нашої неньки, та невпинно наближався до столиці. Прибувши в зазначений час, я виявив, що до початку ще далеко… Сталася класична затримка з початком, але це аж ніяк не зіпсувало мені настрою. Маючи трохи вільного часу, я спілкувався з нашими … Continue reading Grind ЗаXXXісь Party 10! Memories…

Needful Things / Nerve Grind

Haven’t heard anything that will smash your mind just from listening in a while? Well today is your lucky day, because we have a super Grind split for you! This is one totally aggressive tornado of a Grindcore split, at its best.  Performed by two powerful Grindcore units from USA and Czech Republic. You will hear some of the most insane Grind sounds. It’s enough to break even the toughest of noise fans. It starts off with Czechs grinding machine Needful Things. 4 short songs just smashed me, haha! The production is fantastic: a bit messy but with a very … Continue reading Needful Things / Nerve Grind

Lurid Panacea – The Insidious Poisons

I have never been a fan of Brutal Death Metal, that kind of music is simply boring for me, but Lurid Panacea made me reconsider that. This stuff is pretty unique and interesting, also this shit will make you  puke your guts out. Believe me this noise is heavy as hell… So what is Lurid Panacea? It’s a project between two guys, Adrian (Incinerated, Involuntary Convulsion, Rawhead and many more) from Australia and Isaac (Hyperemesis, Orchiopexy, Sulfuric Cautery and a shit load of others) from Canada. This collision of two countries is bone crushing and really crazy. After a year … Continue reading Lurid Panacea – The Insidious Poisons

Shit Life – Reign in Bud!

New album from this Michigan Grindcore band. Formed in 2009 Shit Life was put together by Zach and Chris during a period of inactivity with their black metal band Enochian. The band has released a number of splits, and a LP in 2017. 30+ minutes of hyper speed, maniacal Midwest Grindcore, the potent hybrid of death metal and hardcore punk that emerged in the 1980s with bands like Repulsion and Napalm Death, incl. More info at Regurgitated Semen Records! Continue reading Shit Life – Reign in Bud!

Dehumanized Earth / Existench

It’s always good to finish your day with good noise music. My evening ends with this small release of two interesting Canadian bands, Dehumanized Earth and Existench. Both have a lot of experience and both of them know how to make real shit. All songs are damn cool, as cool as this cyberpunk cover art, which I love a lot. This industrial/gloomy image brings good portion of the atmosphere for this split. I want to talk about D.E. at first… Dehumanized Earth surprised me. These tracks feel and sound different. All of this material sounds more positive than their old … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth / Existench