Endless Swarm (17.03.23)

Greetings Boys, what`s new? Did your backpacks are ready? Did you prepare for your spring shows? Hello Alex, hope you’re keeping safe. We are packed and ready to go! Busy learning to play the new record for the upcoming shows, which is challenging but super fun to play! I guess now I can congrats you on a new album! “Manifested Forms” is unbelievably loud and strong work! What can you tell us about it? Do you satisfied with the final result? How long did it take you to start and finish this full-length? Thank you so much! We’re all incredibly … Continue reading Endless Swarm (17.03.23)

Tongue Scum!

Tongue Scum are an Australian Grindcore unit formed in 2019 hailing from Naarm (Melbourne). A self-proclaimed power-trio they boast members from classic scene bands such as Effigy to Extinction, Grudge!, Stoning, and many, many, many more. Occasionally, renown for their chaotic blend of toxic grind, their sound recalls bands such as Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer and Wormrot while drawing wider influence from extreme Australian acts like Captain Cleanoff, Extortion and Damaged. The TongueScum sound combines technical savagery and fast paced riffage, served with jarring brute force. Their energetic live shows have been described as both mesmerizing and brief. Having shared … Continue reading Tongue Scum!

Gastronomic Error / Masticated Polyps

This split was 2 years in the making… and the result is very harsh and dangerous. These 13 minutes will be a real test for your brain. On one side we have a Gastronomic Error a noisecore that can make your ears bleeds, and on the second Masticated Polyps gorenoise project that will make you puke! Will dare you to play such a record? 😉 Let`s warm up with some noise. Canadian trio Gastronomic Error recorded a really dense portion of chaos. This is a “play fast, and scream your lungs out” noisecore. The bass is overloaded with distortion, and … Continue reading Gastronomic Error / Masticated Polyps

Captain Three Leg / Holy Boner

C3L are back to bash yer filthy barnacles with a searing slew of endless aggravation and rapid-fire “fun-core” frenzy. Helplessly prepare to have your hearing holes ripped open by HOLY BONER’s unmistakable brand of total devastation noisecore. Craniums will be clobbered and sensitivities mercilessly bashed as 19 new C3L tracks and 7 new Holy Boner tracks rampage through your feeble existence and lay waste to the contents. No one gets away! Stay the course and be fucked by brute force! Limited to 300 factory replicated fan discs (look it up) in jewel case with 4 page insert. $5.00 + shipping. … Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Holy Boner

Beasters – Alienated by Solidarity

Here is a second EP of Philly’s hypertech grindheads Beasters. This material was released in 2019 but it is still hot and actual. Unfortunately, I don`t know if this band is still around, the last post on their page was made 3 years ago… but I hope it`s just a hiatus. Anyway, this material blew my mind and that`s why I want to share this EP with you guys! To be honest I was fucking surprised after the first spin of this small release. This shit rips and rips hard, haha! Every track is intensive, with a good dynamic and … Continue reading Beasters – Alienated by Solidarity

Plutocracy – Civilized…….?

Plutocracy was a legend! They were one of the grindcore/powervilonce pioneers in the USA. Can`t say that these guys were productive, but they left a really nice legacy after. I had never had a chance to get their stuff here in Europe, but Alimentary Music sorted my problem. “Civilized…….?” is the second compilation in Plutocracy discography, it contains 19 tracks, songs from Snitch E.P., unreleased songs, tracks from splits with Aproctous, 976 and Discordance Axis, and a compilation Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!. Must say that material is rare, hard to find and, of course, expensive, so it is very nice to … Continue reading Plutocracy – Civilized…….?

Proletar – Depressive Disorder

Animate rec presents! Indonesian grindcore legend Proletar returns with the full-length album “Depressive Disorder”. 22 grindcore/crust tracks with gore/dirty death metal & doom elements. Limited edition of 300 orange 12″LPs, incl. the split 7″EP with Entrails Massacre with completely new cover artwork. Get a copy at shop.animate-records.com Continue reading Proletar – Depressive Disorder