Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Finally, I found some time to sit down and write about the last album from Greek grinders Dephosphorus. First of all, I want to highlight that this work is very dark. This darkness starts right from the front cover and ends only with the last riff in Blessed In A Hail song. We all know how people of Greece love black metal and dark things. These sub-genres have a influences in, almost, all music in that country. I can name ton names of crust, metal, grind bands that are using a lot of black and dark metal. And I really … Continue reading Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

I want to dedicate this review to Sonia, you won’t be forgotten, rest in grind my friend! Life is short and fast, and sometimes even faster than a grindcore song… Let’s talk about a fresh split with 3 great European bands – Psychoneurosis (Poland), Herida Profunda (Poland/UK), and Suffering Quota (Netherlands). I know that this split consists of unreleased and live material, and that doesn’t felt like fresh new songs, but fuck it, because this split sounds really good. I want to start from the first Polish band (the legends) Psychoneurosis. They perform here with two tracks, both of them … Continue reading Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

Head Brain Blockade – Destruction of Principle of Life

I received a very short and uninformative e-mail asking me if I was interested in reviewing the new Head Brain Blockade album. I had never heard of that band before, but I know that No Bread rec has good taste in music, so I figured why the hell not write a few words about this CD. A couple of weeks later the promo arrived in the mail. When I opened the box and give a first look at this digipack I recognized the artist that draw this cover art. That is my old buddy Jon from Kaliningrad, I can identify … Continue reading Head Brain Blockade – Destruction of Principle of Life