Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Who does not know Patareni? These guys are damn famous, after the begging of their way (somewhere in 1983) they are still here, still making noise. Not a mystery that boys have so many releases (but not like Agathocles, haha), don`t know how the hell that happened but there is still unreleased material. So here is a nice compilation of untouched stuff. “Infuzija Iluzija” was released last year by the US label  Haunted Hotel rec. 5 rare live recordings in one pack… nice, isn`t it? I think this is a good present for die-hard fans of Patareni. Usually, such stuff … Continue reading Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

When I first heard about this band, I was really surprised. Guys from Expurgo, Regurgitate and Lymphatic Phlegm joined together to record something monstrous! I waited and waited, but finally, the guys released everything at the beginning of this horrible year. Believe me, this album is awesomely disgusting and full of putrid tunes. Your neighbors will love these 14 songs, just play them loud, haha! “Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm” has also super sick lyrics (which you can find in the booklet) and unique cover art. Finally something without human remains and ripped bodies, hehe. To be short, this album … Continue reading Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

World Eater – Demo 2022

World Eater is a young but promising band from dark and cold Finland. This year these guys created and recorded their first 7 songs. Unfortunately, this release didn`t get much attention in the grind underground, so we will try to fix that. The mighty UK label Grindfather production took them on board and released a tape with this material. As far as I know, the label released a very limited amount of cassettes… so consider yourself lucky if you have this tape in your collection. Honestly, I like this small debut. Of course, this work is pretty short, but this … Continue reading World Eater – Demo 2022

Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Double bass quartet Repulsione dropped a new album this summer. “Human Destruction Front” is almost 35 minutes of down-tuned bass & drums noise. But these tunes are hidden behind a wonderful cover, which was made by fantastic artist Silvia Blackened. This art looks very dark (like a look into the gloomy future), but on the other hand, this is also damn brutal work, which fits this music. So shall we spin this record loud? I think this Italian squad is special because they don`t love to follow the old rules. Repulsione is using not a usual approach, they are using … Continue reading Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Anarchus / Squash Bowels

I don`t know how to introduce this 7″ split… For me, this is a bloody great release with two, phenomenal legends in grind! These guys have a huge history and discography behind their backs, they even played a few times together… but the idea of a split release was brought to life only this year. So let`s blast this dangerous piece of wax and see what these grind grandpas prepared for us! First are Mexican Anarchus. This always was a unique band with a dirty sound and a massive load of dreadful energy. And as expected guys kicked my ass, … Continue reading Anarchus / Squash Bowels

Suppression (28.10.22)

Hi Jason. I hope you’re doing okay and your cup of coffee is hot! Let’s begin! Jason – The coffee is hot!! So it happened, huh? Suppression turned 30! My tight hugs and honest congrats amigo! How do you feel about it? Did you imagine, that something like that could happen?  Jason – Honestly, no, I didn’t think that would be a possibility. I don’t even think I saw myself making it to this age. I think I knew that I would be making music/ noise as long as I’m alive but I doubt that I really thought that far … Continue reading Suppression (28.10.22)