The Chronicles of the Battlefield. OEF. Czech Republic 2019

Summer means a lot for me, it’s great time to have fun and travel. But, most of all, summer is a time for a bunch of great festivals. After my debut at last years OEF, I knew that I must get there again. So I booked a vacation, got press accreditation, and bought comfortable flip-flops. This year, these guys prepared a monstrous present for old punk rock fans – Punk As Fuck Fest. And of course I can’t avoid mentioning such grandpas as Repulsion, Siege, Negative Approach, and Rot. These bands (and many others) were like a huge magnet for … Continue reading The Chronicles of the Battlefield. OEF. Czech Republic 2019

Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

One of the things I really love about grindcore is that sampler 7 inches like this can exist and not be fucking painful to sit through. Can you imagine sitting through a doom metal four way split? I think I’d be asleep before I had to flip the thing. But with grind…it’s like ordering the sampler appetizer at a shitty bar. Yes, I DO want onion rings, and buffalo wings, and mozz sticks, and whatever the fuck else you want to throw on there. Deep fried grindcore, please. Our first greasy bit of fried grindcore comes from Tomb Warden from … Continue reading Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

Deaftrap – Demo

Here we go again another debut work another good and noisy tape. I bet that last year was really good for the German scene, there were so many different ep’s, splits and albums, I’m just speechless. As you may have noticed Deaftrap is from Germany too. When I saw this cassette at first I was by the surprised. It was so simple, there was not any drawing or collage, just a logo and few words. So my first thought was “what a mysterious tape”. So the only logical way to figure everything out was to put this stuff in my … Continue reading Deaftrap – Demo