Baixo Сalao (16.03.14)

Hi there! How’s the weather in sunny Brazil? That cyclone, that froze USA, didn’t get to you?) Hi , Bro ! Here we see the only Cyclone is the corruption cyclone. I was suprised when I first saw your vocalist Leandro. And I really respect this guy, despite his physical condition he still rocks on the scene. How he ended up un Baixo Calao? Some people still are surprised by this, however , the band does not revolve around it. He is the founder of the band , it was he who started the band and named the band, and … Continue reading Baixo Сalao (16.03.14)

Tu Carne (24.02.14)

Hi, guys! Your official biography says that your line-up stabilised only 4 years ago. What’s current Tu Carne’s line-up and what every member in particular is doing?  Hi Alexander! …in the history of T.C. we have always had a problem with the guitarists in the band, for various reasons they have never had availability to play out of here (Spain). Since Batman (our current guitar player) joined the TC family we no longer have that problem and now the only problem that we have to play away from here are our jobs. Our actually line-up is: Flipi – bass & … Continue reading Tu Carne (24.02.14)

Feastem (19.02.14)

Hi, guys! Every grindster needs to be in good physical shape, so, do you do morning exercises or something?) Olli: Can’t focus on sports really. I should, though. Getting fat. No gigs equals more fat. Pete: Music saved me from sports very early. Playing grindcore is very much like doing sports but I’m still getting fat. Yay for metabolism slowing down after turning 30! Or was it 25? Pass the beer, please. Patrik: Drumming is my only exercise for now and I’m too lazy to rehearse so I’m getting fat too. Trying to keep an eye on my nutrition. In … Continue reading Feastem (19.02.14)

Whoresnation (12.02.14)

Vive la Whoresnation! How’re you doing, guys? Take your seats, and let’s begin)Hey, everything is fine there during this rainy days, enjoying records, doing nothing, perfect time to answer you ! How it all started? Who came up with this crazy idea of creating a grindcore band?Everything started arround 2008/2009 when Lop came with this new grindcore band Idea, every members by that time played in different grind bands before so the idea wasn’t really brand new, I guess what was special back then was the will of starting something sounding Swedish, it was quite new in the French grindcore … Continue reading Whoresnation (12.02.14)

Rot (11.02.14)

Hi! And straight to the point. In recent interview you said that you plan to release couple of splits this year. What’re the bands that take part in it?)Rafael: No splits planned for now. We’re working in a new one sided 7″ though. What was the reason of pausing the band’s activity? How often do you rehearse? Who’s rotting in Rot now (your current line-up, I mean)?Rafael: Some members got tired of the band back then, that’s why we broke up in 2008. We’ve been practicing for one time every two weeks. Line up now is Marcelo and Marcolino on … Continue reading Rot (11.02.14)

Noisear (15.01.14)

Hi, Dorian! How’s Noisear doing? I guess you prepared a lot of material for the record, aren’t you?)Noisear Is doing great! We were on a break since the last show which was last year but we are currently writing for a split with Lycanthropy and a full length as well! Hope fully we can do some live shows this year too! Dorian, how do you manage to play in four bands (correct me if I’m wrong)? Do you have time for life at all?)I currently only play in 2 bands Phobia and Noisear. I recently left Excruciating Terror and all … Continue reading Noisear (15.01.14)

Malignant Tumour (04.01.14)

Hi, Bilos! How’re you doin’? I should say, I am really fond of your new album. How was the recording process, was there any difficulties (except hangovers)?))Hell-o in this new year 2014. I like to hear that you like our new album. I like it too. Hehehe… Recording process in Stage One Studio was totally easy and working with Andy Classen is great experience and we had no any difficulties…just some hangovers as you said. There’s some changes in MT’s line-up. Could you tell us about your new hammerdrummer, and also I would like to know where did the previous … Continue reading Malignant Tumour (04.01.14)

Entrails Massacre (15.12.13)

Hi, Daniel! Tell us about your new album, please. What fans that didn’t hear it yet should expect of it? And what feedback did you get?High 5! Well, our new album is called “Decline of our century” and it got first released as an 11” LP in September, followed by the CD version containing 8 bonustracks right now in the beginning of December. Both of it, 11” LP & CD are out on Power it up Records ( You can expect 20 tracks of crazy, ultrafast grindcore with absolutely insane vocals…pure passion for blastbeats, highspeed & hatefilled aggression. Until now … Continue reading Entrails Massacre (15.12.13)

Oxidised Razor (25.11.13)

Hi, Aaron! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Tell a few words about a band. How it all started? Hello Alex, thanks for your attention. Well, we started in 1998. We played in other bands, i played in a obscure black metal band with jhony and otherfriends, but we were always more into grind stuff, and we decided to make OxRx, in those times we had other drummer, but he only played with us on some rehearsals and then gone, and then lusi come from other band to help us, and he helped us for 10 … Continue reading Oxidised Razor (25.11.13)

Sete Star Sept (05.12.13)

Hi, guys! How’re you feeling after a tour, tired, I guess? Kae: Yahho!! When the tour was over, every time, I’m dead.Kiyasu: Sleeping all day. How did you come up with such name for the band? I’ve never seen such thing, when the name of the band is written on 3 languages. Kiyasu: The band’s name, “Sete Star Sept, ” comes from a term used in pachinko, “7 star 7.” It has no meaning. “Sete” and “Sept” mean “seven” in Portuguese and French respectively. This year you toured a lot in many countries. You literally lived in tour, was there … Continue reading Sete Star Sept (05.12.13)

Dead in the Dirt (03.12.13)

Hi, guys! It’s great to have this interview with you! Ok, let’s start) What are you up to at the moment? Is there any surprises you’re preparing for your fans, maybe? We just arrived home from about two USA, one Euro, and one SE Asia tour, spanning over the past 4 months. We are currently enjoying much needed rest and time with our loved ones. We are planning another Euro tour to take place next summer, and perhaps a bit of writing in our down time. Tell us about your most memorable things in Dead In The Dirt activity – … Continue reading Dead in the Dirt (03.12.13)

Nausea (19.11.13)

I’m very glad that Nausea is back in business! Introduce, please, the members of the band at the moment. Is there someone new in the band?Hello and thank you much for your interest in the band, we currently have 2 new soldiers helping us out: Leon del Muerte on Guitars/vocals (Murder Construct,Ex-exhumed,Intronaut,Impaled), Alejandro Corredor on Bass (DDLM) and of course the originators Oscar Garcia /Guitars/vocals and Myself Eric Castro On Drums, and really glad to be back in business. Is it right to say that the main reason of your reunion is a nostalgia for concerts, records, fans? To a certain … Continue reading Nausea (19.11.13)

Vulgaroyal Bloodhill (13.11.13)

Well, 3, 2, 1… Go! How’s your great country doin’, Touo? What happened to the band after the release of your first split? I almost started to worry that you stopped))Nothing happening. We have been playing to a few gigs and made gory songs just again and again. VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL is never fucking die! How did you meet each others in the band? When did you discover grind? And what the hell made you want to start a goregrind band?We have known each other all our lives.I mean,i have played with guys another band each other. when i started new … Continue reading Vulgaroyal Bloodhill (13.11.13)

Nahu (02.11.13)

Hi, guys! Glad to have this conversation with you. How’re you doing?Hello! My name is Zinman, Nahu’s Drums. We are doing very good in these days. And we just finished SUNEATERS Fest which is Korean Grindcore/Hardcored Fest hosted by us. It was kind of tough to arrange, but we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I found out about you only last year. Tell us about a band in general. I only know that you are active since 1999. Like you mentioned, Nahu was formed in 1999. Different with present, but Nahu was 4 units band in that time, also music … Continue reading Nahu (02.11.13)

Simbiose (27.10.13)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing, still at work or opened a bottle of beer and called it a day? =)Hola! This time besides the beer, I’m smoking one too …. kkkkkkTell us a few words about every member of the band, please.Nuno guitar-is what makes the songs!Luis is the drummer-Ralacionados balance in all of us!James loves guitar-balcos stages and studios hateSteaks bass-is what makes us laugh ..Jonhie voice-public relations kkkkkkk Are any of a band members musically educated? Is it necessary in the underground band at all? We all learned alone … I should note that I like your last … Continue reading Simbiose (27.10.13)

Blood (05.10.13)

Hi, Eisen, how’s the weather in good old Germany?It’s almost OK. The bad thing for me is, that in east germany we mostly have 5-7° less, than in my old hometown, where the others of Blood lives. You started at 86. Ever thought that your band will be famous and admired in the world’s underground scene?Not really. As we started, we didn’t know, how to play an instrument. We loved Death and Thrash Metal and tried to do something at home just for fun.This grew up over the years and it is a real satisfaction, if people tells me, that … Continue reading Blood (05.10.13)

Massgrav (14.10.13)

Hi, guys! How’re you doin’? Opened a beer already?)Johan: Yo, doin’ good over here. But of course! I was born with can of Bud in my hand.Ola: On my way to get one now. You played in Kiev recently at international Zverovidenie. What’s your impressions of the city and the public?Johan: Great city and a great crowd. I was quite blown away by how huge the city is. It’s hard not to like a city with a huge shining statue called “Iron Maiden”. The gig was great too. Most of the people seemed to be into our style of rock’n’roll. … Continue reading Massgrav (14.10.13)

Sakatat (21.10.12)

Hi guys, finally world saw your full album, what reviews you get? The general response has been quite amazing actually. As expected, most people were surprised to see that we called an 8-minute released an “album” but I am glad pretty much everyone focused on the quality, not the quantity as we’d hoped. Confess, do you get tons of letters from fans and panties from girls fans?)))People hardly ever send real letters these days so nasty photos that are sent via e-mail replaced the good old panties you used to get in the mail. Not that we would ever receive … Continue reading Sakatat (21.10.12)

Idiots Parade (02.01.12)

This interview was made for Ukrainian zine, but unfortunately it wasn’t released. I really don’t want that stuff to be in vain, so I’ll put it here. Hi, Jan! How’re U doing? What’s going on there in your country?Hi … I’m fine even though there’s so many things going on in our country thanks to our politician bastards. The name Idiots Parade exisits about 7 years already, are U still full of energy? U dont want go away from underground and live normal shit-life, for example?)) Playing with Idiots Parade is still a great fun for us and I don’t feel like … Continue reading Idiots Parade (02.01.12)