Bolo – Red Cross (Gears That Turn)

This St. Petersburg band isn’t anything new for me. But it was a pleasant surprise that their Red Cross EP’ came on vinyl (more and more different groups of post-soviet countries release their music on vinyl, and this is realy nice). I was a little surprised by the cover of this release (the Surgery on cerebellum and removing it), this image may be suitable more for the Brazilian butchers Rancid Flesh, but not for Russian powerviolence gang. Music that this guys have made is very distinctive in some cases. Guitar riffs feel like a heavy hangover from counterfeit russian vodka. … Continue reading Bolo – Red Cross (Gears That Turn)

Oxidised Razor & Autophagia (Diablos Recs)

Well, at last this moment has come for me. I have to wear bathrobe to dismember and remove the corpses from the house. They occupy too much space, so there soon will be no place to dump fresh ones! How nice to ship still warm body of a young and attractive girl in a truck, when good old goregrind plays! Ah, I starve for beer now!)While I write these words, my player yells and roars, the good old split Oxidised Razor / Autophagia.This CD was released by Mexican label Diablos rec.This split starts with my old friends Oxidised Razor! Once the sound rushes in, … Continue reading Oxidised Razor & Autophagia (Diablos Recs)

Demisor (12.05.15)

Hi, buddy! How’re you doing? Hi Alex! Doing good but kindda pretty busy with family and work now. Let’s get back to the past. Couple of years ago you did a tour in Europe. Was it a pleasant experience? Don’t you want to do it again? Oh yes! We toured Europe in 2012. It was the peak highlight for all the members actually. It’s been a while since we toured all over again as a band. Of course, if we were given the chance. We’ll do it all over again. As I rememer, your guitar player left the band… That’s … Continue reading Demisor (12.05.15)


Ukrainian experimental Thrash/grind/hardcore band. Was founded in 2006 in Borodyanka (the town in Kiev region). After the successful debut in “Bingo” club in spring 2008 and about a dozen of gigs, the band had fallen into anabiosis and started hunting the experienced soldiers for the zombie division… Despite of the fact of frequent changes in rhythm-section, the band recorded demo, 2 EPs and debut album… Now guys are based in Kiev, fell to more extreme sound and are preparing new material. Z.E.M.N. bandcamp Continue reading ZOMBIES EAT MY NEIGHBOURS!

Tools Of The Trade (12.11.14)

Hi, guys, how’re you doing, is it sunny on the streets?) Hi Mr Alex. First of all,millions of sorry for the delay of this interview. No fucking reason to save our ass. But here we are to answer and let’s do this till fucking end.Currently it’s sunny day in the morning and it will be a heavy rain in the evening. It’s awesome. it  will be cold at night. Is Tools Of The Trade your first musical experience? Or you already played in other bands? Do you have some side projects, maybe somebody playing in other band or bands too? … Continue reading Tools Of The Trade (12.11.14)

Perpetual – Grind Your Mind!

It was one hell of an anticipation, but finally, I got this release! Malaysian grind scene is pretty big, there’re new bands form pretty often. Now I have the oppotunity to smell the scent of fresh polygraphy of LP from veteran band Perpetual. Grind Your Mind – that is the title of this LP. Art is oldschool style, what’s really great: tanks, soldiers, ruins and lots of human sorrow. Musically it’s basically oldschool grindcore. Massive guitar sound and riffs will surely impress you. Especially I should note vocals here, it’s sounds like canon shooting in your ears. All these 10 songs make you wanna … Continue reading Perpetual – Grind Your Mind!

The Kill (05.06.14)

On my questions answers Jay Allen.Hi, Jay! So, the first question: is it hard for Australian grindster to wake up after a long night of drinking?) A. I don’t drink as much as I used to and as I am now over 40 it can get pretty hard to get up after a hard night on the drink, when I was younger it was not so hard so I had plenty of big nights. I read one of your interview once, and there was info that you were preparing new split with Lycanthrophy, but we still didn’t hear it. Should … Continue reading The Kill (05.06.14)

Inhumate (23.05.14)

Hi, Fred! Let’s listen to some Inhumate record and begin! How’re you guys doing now, do you rehearse often?  We rehearse once a week. We were used to do it twice, but a couple of month ago, Damien moved to another city, so thing changed. But everything’s still ok Unfortunately, your Ukraine tour was cancelled. But I still hope to see you and drink some beer with you!) Yes, it fucking sucks that this tour was cancelled.  We were still optimistic until the last moment. We’re sure that was possible; Of course we should have to cancel maybe 2 or … Continue reading Inhumate (23.05.14)

Tersanjung 13 (15.05.14)

Hi, guys! Well, let’s start. With what Tersanjung 13 is going to strike the world of underground music now?  Hi Alex, we do not have the ability to do that, hahahah, we just have fun in our own way. What the hell with this world. we rally happy what we play now, no matter how people like it or not, we were lucky, had many loyal friends who support us to do something for fun. What’s your favorite character of Star Wars?  We don’t give a shit with Star Wars movie…. No I mean, I know a lot of cool … Continue reading Tersanjung 13 (15.05.14)

SMG (14.05.14)

Hi, guys! Ok, let’s get it started. Who’s playing in SMG right now? What’s your line-up, who, where, why, etc? Hello Alex, how  are you today, thanks for being interested to doing i/v with SMG, right now SMG are Ricky – guitar, Randy – Drum and myself AK47 on Vocals  we’re started in july 2002 in S.A City, Selangor, West Malaysia. I heard that you made split with my fellow countrymen From Alcohol To Destruction. What can you tell about them? And when will we see the actual cassette?) Oh, you’re from ukraine too, you heard it right my friend, … Continue reading SMG (14.05.14)

Blockheads (02.05.14)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing after Russian hangover?) Hello Alex, Thank you, we’re fine, hope the same for you. We’re back home after an exhausting weekend but we had a great time. We were not really lucky because we had some problems with our flights, there was a huge strike at the airport in Germany when we flight to Moscow so the flight was delayed and our instruments weren’t in Moscow at our arrival. We had to manage to find some instruments for the gig (thanx again to Nakka). Hopefully, since our return, we have everything back. The show was … Continue reading Blockheads (02.05.14)

Internal Damage (30.04.14)

Answers by Dym (drummer)Hi! How’re you doing? Listen to what your mom says?) Does cold Norwegian wind makes you feel a bit chilly?) Hey! All’s fine as usual. The time has passed when we was mom-obeying guys, but also we was badass bastards betweenwhiles I guess though, so now we have quite obedient moms, hah. Actualy thanx them for their endless support. As about northern wind, we’re all from south, so we would not mind if St. Petersburg would be not the northern but southern capital. If I am not mistaken, your EP, that will come out soon, was waiting … Continue reading Internal Damage (30.04.14)

Cripple Bastards (26.04.14)

Hi, Giulio, how’re you doing? Already bought a yacht with the money from the tour and new album?) Hi, I’m doing well. Keep on dreaming, with this stuff you can barely buy a new pair of shoes. This year Cripple Bastards have beaten all records in terms of activity, hehe) You were in Japan, Australia, 2 Obscene Extreme Fests and 3rd is on the way. Such tight schedule is a result of a lot of practice or is it just mere luck? We have been stuck for quite a long time from 2011 to 2013 because we decided to focus … Continue reading Cripple Bastards (26.04.14)

Birdflesh (22.04.14)

Hi, Smattro! How’s Birdflesh doing, what’s on your minds right now?) Hi there! Birdflesh is alive but slow nowadays. Too much other things going on like other bands, work and family. But we do some shows and have a recording planned. Your split with PLF came out recently. Dave wrote that your sound is much heavier and aggressive than on previous releases. I heard a few songs on Bandcamp, it kinda reminded me of Jigsor Terror. Is it some kind of evolution or just an experiment? I guess it’s just because the people involved with the recording didn’t know how … Continue reading Birdflesh (22.04.14)

Meatal Ulcer (12.04.14)

3,2,1… Houston, we’re going into orbit….. pshshhhhhhhh…. Hi, guys, how’re you doing? Do you like to watch clear sky with stars while drinking some local brewed alcohol?) Leo: G’day dude. Thanks for the interview. Actually throughout 2012 when I began making Meatal Ulcer demos I spent much more time than I ever had looking into space. I saw a comet for the first time, a strange aircraft with different lights compared to others I normally see. This was more like the high beams of a car flying around. I saw something else for the first time I think might have … Continue reading Meatal Ulcer (12.04.14)

Flesh Police (11.04.14)

Hi, guys! How’s Australia, everything’s fine there? I always wonder about different cool drinks, is there something with eucalypt, maybe beer?) Hi Alex, things are OK here. Eucalyptus actually doesn’t taste that great so it’s mainly used in cleaning and medicinal products, as far as I know it hasn’t been used in beer yet. Well, there’s barely any info about a band. So it’s time for you to tell us about yourself. I think it wouldn’t be superfluous. Well, we are 4 men who all live in Perth, Western Australia. I guess you could say we met through going to … Continue reading Flesh Police (11.04.14)

Looking For An Answer (31.03.14)

Hi, Felix! How much beer usually can drink Spanish grindster?) Hello Alex, you should to ask a drinker grinder i do not drink any alcohol, unfortunately some of them use to drink too much of that beers so when they are totally drunk they really do not care if is LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER or JUSTIN BIEBER who is playing… Ok, now back to serious business. On what questions do members of the band look for answers? I took this name from the band HEALTH HAZARD and their song “looking for an answer” i thought it was a great name … Continue reading Looking For An Answer (31.03.14)

Embalming Theatre (25.03.14)

I’m really glad to have this interview with you. Ok, let’s start with exchanging our national t-shirts and jokes about the horse in the bar)) Steve: Hi, thanks a lot for the chance for an interview 🙂 This is Steve, the bass player, answering your questions.And sorry from my side if you had to wait a few days until I answered. We haven’t been very active during the past year – except putting out some releases, but the songs on them have been recorded earlier, of course.So we didn’t any gigs or composed any songs during 2013. To be honest, … Continue reading Embalming Theatre (25.03.14)