Social Chaos – Dia Do Obito LP is out!

You can order this album thru the next labels:  Germany: Roedel Records  Czech Republic:Togue sol Distribucion – France:Caracola Records – Italy:Grind Your Mind Records Brazil:  Brutal Grind Attack  Sinfonia de CãesBrothers Of Metal BS Distro  Brutal Grind Attack Sinfonia de CãesBrothers Of Metal BS Distro  Continue reading Social Chaos – Dia Do Obito LP is out!

Haemophagus & Subjugation split 7"

What the vinyl marked with an eight pointed star of chaos and darksome human skulls is expected to be? Right, it’s a grim prospect (go piss up a rope, if you go to church every Sunday). The split of Italian Haemophagus and Turkish Subjugation may become a truly trial)) I’ve heard Haemophagus previously, but at that time their music was sheerly saturated with grind sound. Now you can hardly notice any. While I was reading annotation to this release, I remarked that an author had compared Haemophagus to Machetazo and Repulsion… to be candid, I don’t think so… The first track … Continue reading Haemophagus & Subjugation split 7"