Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)

How many grind albums & splits have been released through all those past years? But brazilians don’t lose their interest in that style, it still burns so brightly! Every year this country gives a lot of good different releases for fans of grind. And now I hold in my hands this lathe сut split with two old well-known and respected bands. Must notice that this small release was dedicated to our friend Antonio Ambrozio, rest in peace brother…Art on this split is pretty thematic (as for grindcore). Impersonation of chaos, destroyed town and the main character looking at its remains… … Continue reading Plague Rages/Shitfun (Gozer Records)

xDELOREANx – Hill Valley Powerviolence (Gozer records)

Today we’re going to look at another representative of the new wave hardcore powerviolence genre. xDELOREANx is a very young team (was started in 2014), but it already has a whole bunch of releases. I want to review their first work called “Hill Valley Powerviolence”. The first thing that caught my eye was this silly design of the logo, these crosses and all this Infest-like logo shit is really pissing me off, to be honest. But let’s skip this point. The idea of front cover looks very cute. Marty McFly and those two transparent characters wearing Bronson and (above mentioned) … Continue reading xDELOREANx – Hill Valley Powerviolence (Gozer records)

Gozer Records!

Gozer Records is a one man DIY label focusing on grind and other extreme music genres. Founded in 2012, Gozer Records has released grind band from all over the world on various formats (tape, CD-r, vinyl). 2016 brings release number 30 for Gozer. Contact: Gozer Records fb Gozer shop Releases: GZ-01 – Pascow self titled EP (CD-R)   GZ-02 – Agathocles/Heliophobia split (CD-r)  GZ-03/04 – Exist In Thought EPs (digital)   GZ-05 – Pascow III (mini CD-r)   GZ-06 – Destroy the Humans “Made of Hate ” (mini CD-r)   GZ-07 – Undertaker “Denied Existence” (mini CD-r)   GZ-08 – Anal Abort … Continue reading Gozer Records!

Plague Rages – Greatest Tapes (Gozer Records)

I want to dedicate this review to our deceased comrade Antonio who reached the better world, sleep tight brother, you would stay in our hearts forever. 100 of pro-done tapes were released, Lemonade Joe from the cover proves us this one of a tape is a stone cold and would find it’s place in your collection.Greatest Tapes is a best gift to Plague Rages followers, they finally would check the old and not that old works of these brazilian veterans. This comp covers 1998 to 2009, starts from an unreleased song which is nice, and then you have got 9 … Continue reading Plague Rages – Greatest Tapes (Gozer Records)