Empyaema – Demo 1/2

Okay, boys and girls, this is my first acquaintance with Empyaema. This is a gore-oriented duo and it based in Seattle. Unfortunately, there is not much info about this band. In their discography, they already have two demos and split. Today I`m gonna listen to and review their debut material. Nasty cover arts are typical for goregrind bands, so it`s hard to surprise me with that, haha. But there is something unusual in the first two demos, both of them are stylistically different. Intriguing right? Demo #1 – raw, disgusting, and noisy. The material is pretty primitive but has a … Continue reading Empyaema – Demo 1/2

Pulmonary Fibrosis / Assur

2021 is almost gone, but we still digging great releases from 2020! I want to present you one extraordinary work of the guys from Pulmonary Fibrosis and Assur. I bet you already have a question about why this stuff is so special? Well, this release is dedicated to one unique movie character Elvira and Mortician band! End I don`t remember such kind of formats, there are a lot of songs and albums dedicated to different maniacs, monsters, fucking politics but not adorable Elvira. Awesome idea and great bands too, “shall we begin?”(c) 5 first songs belong to my good friends … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis / Assur

Split G.B.S. / Sebum Excess Production is out!

Prolific Brazilian gorehounds S.E.P. team up with G.B.S. to provide 8 rounds of rough, rank ‘n raw goregrind in the traditions of the absolutely puerile south american vein. Their best shit yet! G.B.S. continues on shitting forth slabs of ultra blarghst L.D.O.H./Submersed Cadaver/Holy Boner-style gorenoisecore with tonnes of “how long can he blast for????” and “fuuuucckkk!!!” moments! Order this CD HERE! Continue reading Split G.B.S. / Sebum Excess Production is out!

Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

This spring, gore blast from Italy released its second work. This work is full of maggots and purulent stench, and the guys from Rectal Purulence Recs noticed that, liked it, and released it. This CDr release looks pretty primitive, but sick. There are just a few photos of surgery and a image of helminths for the back cover. Nothing much as for gore theme, but we have what we have. Regardless, I can assure you that the music inside sounds much uglier and brutal that this cover picture looks. Embryonic Oozing is 7 minutes of gorenoise that will make you … Continue reading Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

Cystgurgle / Vomitoma

Gorenoise is definitely not a place for cowards. The split I’m about to review will explain why. We have here two very nasty and heavy projects. Cystgurgle (Thailand) and Vomitoma (USA) have prepared for you a ton of filthy and harsh material. The sounds of sonic vomit will smash and melt you down, but on the other hand this tape is full of fun! I want start with the first name on this split, the duo Cystgurgle. My aquaintance with this act started with their 7” Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo, I was really surprised with their massive and dirty … Continue reading Cystgurgle / Vomitoma

Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

I’m starting to worry about Italy, for several years there were a lot of new and fresh Gore bands. I must say that is strange but pleasant for me. Yakisoba is one of the many bands who emerged from the new age primordial ooze. This is a one man project which debuted last year with the EP “Mandatory Amputation”. It`s not surprising that this debut work has all of the attributes of Goregrind. The cover is fucking disgusting, this Asian corpse looks like a victim of Unit 731! The Noise is nasty and bloody too, but I will write about … Continue reading Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

Squalid / Putrid Liquid (Garbage Bondage Records)

This small tape is a magical place where dirty Goregrind meets with dirtier Gorenoise. If you don’t like really muddy vomiting sound then skip this review, because today GGGG will cover split of Squalid and Putrid Liquid! This is really short but,really good release that was made by Russian independent label Garbage Bondage Records. Both sides are fit in only 6 minutes, but that is enough to show you the full power of both bands. The slimy guys from Detroit starts this split. After a cool intro (unfortunately I didn’t recognize the movie) they’ve attacked my ears with impressive portion … Continue reading Squalid / Putrid Liquid (Garbage Bondage Records)

Tolerance (26.04.18)

Hello Mr Urho! how are you doing man? Hope all fine on your end, and the beers are cold… Hi Alexander!! Thanks for getting in touch! It’s really nice to have this chance to chat. I suppose I’m doing okay for the most part. Lately I have been way too stressed out though, and in some ways my life (or at least the way I experience it) has been quite unstable. But l can’t really complain either, as at the moment I have a job which I really like, I’m surrounded by really wonderful people and I have a ton … Continue reading Tolerance (26.04.18)

Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)

Goregrind has always been a lovely genre for me. The genre is loaded to the top with serious themes about serial killers, bloody murders, mutations and stupid gore jokes. The last few last years there was a huge ugly wave that came across our planet which gave birth to many new bands. Well sometimes it’s hard to find something really worthy in that heap of slime, but we always have an old band, that’s still active and still rocks! So that’s why I picked up this new split of Brazilian legends, Gore. For this split they chose a filthy one … Continue reading Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)