Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)

Goregrind has always been a lovely genre for me. The genre is loaded to the top with serious themes about serial killers, bloody murders, mutations and stupid gore jokes. The last few last years there was a huge ugly wave that came across our planet which gave birth to many new bands. Well sometimes it’s hard to find something really worthy in that heap of slime, but we always have an old band, that’s still active and still rocks! So that’s why I picked up this new split of Brazilian legends, Gore. For this split they chose a filthy one … Continue reading Gore / Impalement Mouths Sodomy (Viscera Records)

Gore ‎– Consumed By Slow Decay

Okay folks no jokes this time. Today we have a really legendary album from old Brazilian gore masters. Originally this album was released more than 20 years ago, but “Consumed By Slow Decay” is still very strong and good. This piece of rot was re-released a few times, I hold in my hands the CD version which was pressed in 2016. This re-press has an old cover, a bunch of old and new band photos and new sound. These noises were remastered by Glésio Torres (Old Grindered Days Recs). The whole material has no super extreme speed and ultraviolent drum … Continue reading Gore ‎– Consumed By Slow Decay

Gore / Hipermenorrea (Uterus Productions)

Very old and (in their circles) legendary formation Gore recently awakened from a long sleep and began to actively prepare new material. One of its last works was the split with the Mexicans Hipermenorrea. Thanks to the efforts of the german Uterus Productions office, this material has been released in vinyl format. A disgustingly and worthlessly designed outer sleeve (I only like half-rotten skull with red hair, which reminded me of the old gay David Mustaine, ahaha) hides a beautiful, bloody red vinyl inside of it that we are going to put on the platter right now 🙂All bands have … Continue reading Gore / Hipermenorrea (Uterus Productions)

Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium/Gore (Horns & Hoofs Records)

I haven’t the faintest idea what happened… the ancient Mayan’ve confounded dates or something… may space-time continuum warp, but it takes place in 2014! Trailblazers of brazilian goregrind release new material! I haven’t heard of them for ages! A ukrainian label Horns & Hoofs records has taken on this release. Two versions are put on the access: classical black and colour vinils. Five fresh tracks are inserted alongside the material of ukrainian perverts – Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium. I would say, Gore’s sound got much juicier. Rest assured, that there are same old raw guitars and ventral vocals, but better. The cover is designed in classical style: faust corpses and … Continue reading Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium/Gore (Horns & Hoofs Records)

Gore (10.09.14)

Hi, guys! Well, our prey is tied up tightly, so let’s begin!)) Hey Alexander, i feel glad answering  an entreview to you!!!This year we finally listen to new songs from Gore! I know that it’s going to be split with Ukrainian porn-gore freaks Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium. When it’s going to be released and on what label, tell us everything!)  Yes, after a long time i recorded some new sick songs and necrocannibalist vomitorium band contact me for this masterpiece of shit split  7″ep and will be released by his own label and i think out soon. Remind me, please, when was … Continue reading Gore (10.09.14)