Violation Wound / Ruin (Fudgeworthy Records)

I want to start this review off with a warning. This album is not for those of you who hope to find sweet and lovely pop punk tunes or something to cheer your damn ass up. This split is loaded up with very heavy crushing power. Also I should mention that this split is really unholy, starting with the music and ending with this nice cover art. The green vinyl looks so badass in this black sleeve. That is what I call a robust cover that perfectly fits the noise. All these dead guys look so dark and spooky, main … Continue reading Violation Wound / Ruin (Fudgeworthy Records)

GG Allin And Bulge – Legalize Murder (Fudgeworthy Records)

In punk we trust! These Old n moldy filthy notorious punks are back! American Fudgeworthy Records re-issued a dirty piece of punk history – a collaboration work with GG Allin And Bulge. This was originally released almost 3 decades ago, and of course long sold out. The most remarkable thing on this reissue, is the original covers, which are 28 years old already. Crazy shit, right? As far as I know, the sound has been restored but unfortunately I dont have the original copy,to compare it with. Anyway, it’s really lovely to hear something from these wild punk years.Theres no … Continue reading GG Allin And Bulge – Legalize Murder (Fudgeworthy Records)

Blood ‎– Dysangelium (Fudgeworthy Records)

There is no doubt that Blood is legendary and very old. They are loved and respected by many, and Blood has esrned the status of an iconic band. I was very happy when my postman brought me a new parcel with promos from Fudgeworthy Records. There I found their fifth album Dysangelium . Also this edition was released as a picturedisk vinyl (and I must admit it looks very rad). This art with distorted religious themes has an apparent atmosphere of gloom and majesty. Blood are a band that knows how to write songs that are heavy as fuck, catchy … Continue reading Blood ‎– Dysangelium (Fudgeworthy Records)

Gonkulator ‎– Reborn Through Evil (Fudgeworthy Records)

Welcome to the category “sometimes they’re coming back.” It took american psychos from Gonkulator long 10 years to spit out this new full-length stinking bunch of noise. Quite interesting feature of the album is the fact that it is divided into 2 parts, each contains 5 tracks. Baron Side begins with epic music from 70s movie (at least it seems to me that I’ve heard it somewhere). And then something really evil begins. Certainly, the info booklet mentions that Gonkulator plays noise-black, but in my opinion there’s a lot more stuff mixed here. To me there is plenty of good … Continue reading Gonkulator ‎– Reborn Through Evil (Fudgeworthy Records)