Fissure / Shackles (Dead Heroes rec)

It’s rare to see such lovely looking vinyl – a black base with white streaks/metastases… of course this is not a regular pressing, and I must admit that Dead Heroes has good taste. As for the bands and music, we have here two squads from different sides of the globe. Hardcore/pv boys Fissure are from the US and chaotic grinders Shackles are from Australia. Everything sounds familiar? Maybe, but let’s put this 10” split on our turntable and check it one more time. I can call California’s Fissure a good example of the modern hardcore/pv wave. Their sound is clear, … Continue reading Fissure / Shackles (Dead Heroes rec)

Gets Worse / Fissure (Dead Heroes Records)

Recently I have reviewed a lot of goregrind and grindcore releases, so it’s time to turn our attention to other genres. The gloomy artwork on the cover of this release is hiding two tough representatives of hardcore/grindviolence scene . And following the rules, we will begin with the A side, on which British Gets Worse is conveniently settled… No offense towards the guys from Gets Worse, but with every record they seem to be less and less interesting for me. And now I heard their side and have nothing to remember, nothing has really impressed me. Just listened to the record and immediately forgot it.  The stuff … Continue reading Gets Worse / Fissure (Dead Heroes Records)