Insufferable – Survival (Fermented Bile Vomit Productions)

Insufferable is a double masked attack from Scotland… These dudes love to hide their faces and they also don’t like music. That’s probably why they started to ruin everything around them with harsh noisegrind, hehe. So let’s dive into this smelly swamp of noise and let’s try to survive! The EP is very aggressive, with short and fast songs and tons of low painful sounds. Crashing guitar makes that mess more malicious and even denser. I love that the whole sound is pretty clean, it seems like you’re listening grindcore instead of noise. These primitive riffs and blasting drums…. mmmm… … Continue reading Insufferable – Survival (Fermented Bile Vomit Productions)

Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis

The disgusting creature named Meatus has been around more than a year, but I’ve decided to write about that dreadful filth only now. In this project, Joe (Archagathus, Hallucinosis, Horrible Pain, Parfumerie, Violent Gorge and others bands) recorded all instruments on his own, pretty talented man, isn’t he?)) This cassette can be compared with big rotting whale carcass which was thrown ashore… Gradually, the sun does its job, a carcass begins to decompose, more and more cadaveric gas is being released and here it is – an apogee – an explosion that is throwing rotten scraps around. The same with … Continue reading Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis