Stheno / Facada – Primitive

This is hard but tasty dish… this barbaric meal spiced with hellish hot Greek and Brazilian sauces. Let`s start with this interesting and “primitive” design. The artist used a pretty cool idea, I think we can call this episode historical. I mean this act on this picture, when slave kills his master… this is cruel but full of justice. Also the artist used ancient rock carvings of animals, and this added brutality to the whole arts (that was really great idea). From Greek land with 7 songs dehuman Stheno is coming ! This time this trio surprised me… their songs … Continue reading Stheno / Facada – Primitive

Facada – Nadir (Black Hole prod)

Brazil is a very prolific land. Last couple of years I was finding so many great bands there! I can’t say about other genres, but grindcore-scene in Brazil is astonishing! Pretty famous label Black Hole Production released third LP of their compatriots Facada! Their music is like a huge rock that broke from the mountain and implacably running down into the little village near the mountain. 20 tracks, including intro, smack you to death! Very blasting grindcore, the band don’t slow down a bit and wrecks apart my loudspeakers! There is no complicated guitar riffs or some jazzy-inspired drums, Facada … Continue reading Facada – Nadir (Black Hole prod)

Facada (11.02.15)

Hi, guys! I’m very glad that you found some time for my blog! And first question is: do you still have cannibals in your jungles? It’s nice to answer these questions! Well, Brazil is a huge country so, not only in the jungles but there are cannibals in the cities as well. One of our songs (Corumba, Hippie do Inferno) is a bout a cannibal. If you’re talking about the native brazilian cannibals, I think there may be  a handful in some subterranean villages in the middle of the jungle. But as a good friend of mine says: most of … Continue reading Facada (11.02.15)